How do you view those things which present themselves as difficulties in your life? What are they to you? Do you see them as problems or opportunities?
You know that you are never given anything to cope with which you cannot cope with!

You have everything you need within you to see every challenge not only to cope with, but to treat as an opportunity to prove the gifts which you have been blessed with, to deal with any kind of eventuality.

Keeping in mind at all times the place where you want to be and not where you are at present if you don’t want to be there, especially if it brings you pain of any kind. With that eventual place, that person and that possibility for happiness in the forefront of your consciousness, you will progress to the point where you will manifest all of the things which you know will bring you the happiness that you seek.

It is yours by right and since happiness is a level of consciousness which translates into an attitude of mind, all it takes is a fresh look at you, knowing yourself, the way you live your life and relate to others. The question is: Are you ready for this quest which is not exactly a prerequisite, but a Divine directive or yearning that you should seek joy and happiness throughout this life?

I can attest that the journey to achieve what you most desire can be long and difficult, but nothing worth having is easily achieved, but is worth all of your effort, right attitude of mind and the certainty of your true purpose in this life, which only comes through the hard work of knowing yourself inside and out. Whoever said life was easy has not lived!

Meditate all you like, pray all you like, believe all you like what others say, but in the end it takes real personal effort to create the cause which is yours alone and will bring only that effect which you really want in your life.

So from one point of view there is no such thing as a problem, only a challenge which you will meet and turn to your own advantage bringing you the happiness you desire.

Remember that there are a host of ways to meet any challenge and if you listen to the pundits you can get in a real mess trying to sort out the best method for you, but you have to face the fact that in the end there is only one way, and that is your way, which only you know best how to pursue.

I have to say that you can only reach even the starting blocks of your own method when you know yourself really well. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and then of course the real goal that you are after! You see, there are as many ways as there are humans on Planet Earth and it is up to you to find your way.

Although happiness is a level of consciousness others may question your method and tell you that you are going at it all the wrong way and my advice is to take no notice, but to follow your own way to happiness.

Do you imagine that Mother Theresa was unhappy?
Her one proviso was, ‘Lord, I know you would not give me anything I cannot cope with, but I just wish you would not trust me so much!’

When you get past the ego, the physical, mental and emotional blocks which often prevent us from seeing past these Earth bound barriers to the real purpose in our lives, which like Mother Theresa was a life of dedication to the sick and suffering, happiness takes on that level of consciousness where compassion rules.

Even the Masters speak to us of the Great Souls who to the rest of us may be consigned to a life of pain and hardship, but overriding all do not see the pain which we feel for them and rise above it, seeing, feeling and believing the joy in all they consciously create, say and do, seeing only opportunities to pursue their quest for joy and happiness, for themselves and for others.

I love the Australian saying: “No probs mate!”

See no problems, see only opportunities and seek happiness with the Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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