I recall a visit to the Pythia at Delphi
To ask the mouthpiece of Apollo
Whether I should enter the games.
The Discus, my favourite named!

The reply was quite unexpected
Being full of pride I was dejected!
I was told to practice my swing.
Despite the god not being with me …

I decided to try my uncertain luck
No laurel, I lost despite my pluck,
For coming nowhere near the winner.
I should have taken the Pythia’s advice!

I tried again, after 3000 years, I waked,
Practiced hard until my arm ached
But I should have listened within
As I lost yet again! Will I ever learn?

Well, in this life I leave it to the young
For other discs begin to fill my life
Some hang in the garden to scare
The birds from ripening grapes.

Old CD discs flashing in the sun
Hanging like the accolades I never won,
But there are other discs in all our lives
Which seem to parade as moving lights.

They followed us back from France one time
Just ahead at night, all the way back home.
The invitation still stands there my friends
Perhaps when moving you’ll give us some hands?

There are the other discs though hidden away
Holding memories and data of distant days,
And what would we do without Ram cores
Like crystals of old, solid state stores!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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4 Responses to THE DISC

  1. Arrgh the “secret Wisdom” which Eugene speaks of.. I agree.. And once upon a time I saw a disc floating in my bedroom as I awoke, the size perhaps of a golf-ball.. it hovered for a few seconds enough for me to acknowledge it then it just vanished. 🙂

    Excellent Poem.. 🙂 Have a peaceful weekend


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David..

    If Pythia could have engendered more mediums of her sort we could have gone to her to ask what to do henceforth with our lives but who knows with Apollo’s help she might have told us a truth we did not want to hear.

    I do believe we all have a Pythia living in our soul and spirit, but we seldom listen or consult her being afraid to hear a response that would upset our own ways.
    We all have received Apollo’s gift but due to circumstances or even lack of understanding we have not developed it.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could talk openly about this “secret” wisdom and make sure our children feel at ease with it?

    We have wandered so far away from the ancient cultures and enlightenments that the mere fact of hearing that someone might possess what Casandra or the Pythia were famous for make us look at that person as being a witch or a devil worshipper, depending on our religious or even atheistic upbringing.

    Hopefully, times change rapidly and soon we will be able to add to our curriculum whether we are sensitive enough to help the world discover the light which is still hidden under the bushel.

    Love and Light I send you, dear David, and to all those who will read your post.



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