We all seem to have different thresholds of pain, though I wonder how we can ever judge another’s pain and ability to sustain relative to our own!

When you consider that there is pain from an outside and also an inside source and there is a certainty that pain can also be self inflicted, which I often feel comes in two distinct forms:

The first is ‘poor me’ when we inflict pain upon ourselves in order to encourage others to care for us and try their best to remove or to mollify the pain which we experience. Can they be sure that we are actually feeling pain? From personal experience I can say, ‘I did feel it!’

Then there is the pain which we can experience when the Spirit, which cannot speak, expresses itself and its unhappiness through the body physical, in the form of discomfort, pain or spasm. The latter which I can still experience today seventy five years after my birth when stressed!

The problem for the healer comes when trying to overcome either of these kinds of self inflicted conditions which, as I may have mentioned before, have confused medical science on many an occasion.

There are the conditions which despite the efforts of doctors, therapists and healers will remain, since it ensures that the patient receives care which otherwise would not be forthcoming if they were fit and well, but so desperately crave to maintain the care and status quo!

I remember giving my all to help a lady in a wheelchair for a full twelve months and helped by other healers on occasions who frequently told me I was wasting my time, since she was happy in her wheelchair receiving all the care she needed from her loving partner. After the year we agreed mutually that, even having asked for help, she was happiest where she was and no amount of TLC was going to alter that one iota, apart from that of her partner and we parted friends!

There are many who believe that pain is for a purpose and should not be obscured or masked by aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen since its purpose is to help us to find the cause and to do all in our power to cure ourselves, to the point of lifestyle changes, before rushing down to the doctor’s surgery for the magic pill which nine times out of ten treats the symptom and not the cause, because that’s the way allopathic doctors are trained these days! Sad but true.

Most right thinking folks are well aware of the causes of everyday pain which we put down to overdoing it, whatever IT is! Mental, physical or emotional?

Life is not easy, it is a dance where the steps can often be difficult to master as any ballet dancer will tell you, though some like my daughter can master these intricacies in a matter of seconds, pattern, space, timing and all, and the golden rule that if you don’t stretch before exertion you can expect pain!

Does that make more sense? That exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the body to ward off those conditions which otherwise invade the fabric of the brain itself? Not always pain as such, but disintegration giving others the pain to watch and consciously to cope with!

To do something we are not practiced at or used to, just out of the blue, especially with advancing years in a more sedentary lifestyle, it is easy to fall into the painful trap of thinking that we are still as fit and as strong as we were at thirty five, both in brain and body.

We feel pain with our brain and we can inflict pain on ourselves with our consciousness and since I believe that happiness is a level of consciousness it is therefore necessary to work with our consciousness, synonymous with mind and Spirit, and not against it, encouraging a harmonious balance and a judicious use of energy in order to maintain a pain free brain, body and Spirit, with the emphasis on happiness.

We have to come back to the old adage of knowing yourself in order to achieve that seemingly impossible balance, bringing the mind to focus on what we want that makes us happy and not on perhaps the status quo which contrary to the above may in fact make us unhappy keeping us locked in pain, since we yearn for something other than our present experience.

What or who is it that pains you right now?
Is it time for you to reassess and change your life, to put every aspect into the order which brings you happiness?

Go on! Concentrate on what you want and not on what you don’t want!
With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to PAIN

  1. Excellent dear David.. You have captured perfectly the various aspects of Pain… Both Physical and mental. And you are right about the lady in the wheelchair.. Sometimes people deep down do not want to be healed, for they are perfectly happy within the world of their creation.

    And yes I have been concentrating on more of what I do want in life.. And that is peace within doing the things which bring me joy and contentment..

    Love and Blessings my dear friend, I hope all is well in your world,
    Sue 🙂


  2. Ashish kumar says:

    A very thoughtful post describing pain… well expressed… 🙂


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