Eyes are the windows, like those of a house
When looked deep inside tell who lives here.
Are they filled with love, hatred or fear?

When I look in your eyes, what will I see?
Lively passion, energy and happiness
Or feelings of exhaustion and hopelessness?

When you look inside, Soul looks back at you
It is silent, seeing, hearing all, saying nothing,
Witness to the Spirit, living, breathing, guiding!

What you see in another is not what Soul sees!
You may see what makes another selected
What Soul sees is what was always expected.

Rarely do we look deeper to find what’s inside
We often say, ‘what you see is what you get’
So used to accept what’s seen when first met.

We are so phased and feared by attitude
Which often sets itself in protection mode
We’re even expecting the threatening code!

As witnessed by those in power and fear
Rather put up a fence than a helping hand
To all, however desperate to cross their land.

What does it take to change such a mindset?
The death of many? No! A drowned child
One so gentle and mild they saw as wild.

Until this life lost they had no compassion
Overruled by power, greed and fashion
One never gave a thought to meditation.

Mankind has lost the vision of our eyes
We seem to have lost the ability to see
In places of power we can no longer agree.

The gun has taken the place of com-passion
With the excuse to protect, we kill at random
Odd colour, speech or eyes ruled by the dum-dum.

A faint light shining in European eyes
Handing gifts to those deserted by their nation
Not those in power, but we with compassion.

May humanity see how to bless and preserve itself.
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to THE EYES HAVE IT

  1. cat says:

    I always look deep into my fellow human’s soul by making eye contact … sometimes meet a kindred spirit that way … but most times get brushed aside by a precious human being too attached to their cell phone … ears … open to what? eyes … none existent! mouth … talking away, making appointments … hopefully … hmmm!? … Love, cat.


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