In my last post I started off with:
‘I was in a classroom and called to the front of the class’.
It was a dream sequence and I wonder if those at the Department of Education, (D.O.E.) swayed no doubt by the results of children in countries such as China and Japan, regardless of being pressured beyond acceptable human limits, with suicide at an all time high, wished to emulate their prowess in case we should slip behind in the world ratings and overall inventive ability in all realms of business, commerce and manufacturing?

This to me is at the risk of damaging the delicate consciousness of every child who seems now at least in my home country to be forced into stuffing their heads with facts and figures, monitored by test after test after test, at the neglect of the ability to think and grow into responsible and compassionate adults!

Admittedly the best way to teach is on a one to one basis which clearly is impossible in today’s class sizes, but equally clearly there are children with obvious problems who it seems are not catered for adequately in the system and only really benefit from specialist schools like Montessori educational establishments or one to one tuition.

Where are we going? It makes me wonder if it would make the slightest difference to our children’s education if we were to stay or to leave the European Community. With recent past and present gnomes presiding at the D.O.E. I think not!

Some might say it needs a radical rethink, but in my humble opinion it could do with, as I have stated in previous posts, a look back at the best way to go forward for the true benefit of the child and ultimately of our society. Ultimately I am convinced that this would benefit the GDP!

At the last count I think that there were eight teachers in our family covering a range of subjects from science through language to dance, healing and spirituality. Which gives us no authority to judge the issue, but with children and grandchildren of our own every opportunity to comment when we and they suffer under the present system’s often impossible ways and means at the children’s expense, both mental and physical giving us a small lever of concern.

So many people I meet have made their ways very well in this life and yet had minimal education leaving school at about fourteen years of age, but benefitting most from the University of Life and for me I was always classed as a late developer and certainly in my later years a simple thing like vocabulary improved exponentially as confidence came. Perhaps that was what was missing all along! Seemingly rubbed out of me by the eraser called matriarchy at home and patriarchy at school and thank heaven restored by proving them wrong on so many counts that I became virtually self-sufficient.

We see stories of young entrepreneurs in many countries around the world, with a little help to get started, having the courage, some backed by education and others not, to get out into the world and to follow their dream and as one who made it said, ‘willing to put their heart and soul into the venture’.

It makes you wonder where your best teachers come from?

Prep School was good for me winning the Form Prize in my first year at the age of eight: A copy of Hans Anderson’s Fairy Tales! Grammar School was a nightmare where evil crows in black gowns would sweep down the open corridors chastising most of us and pandering solely to the top 5%, their darling boys!

Oh! Except of course for the stars of the Cricket and Rugby Teams which was where I regained my standing as Lock Forward, having long arms, that and my love of the control of the human body through Gymnastics!

I suppose to give me the best start in the world my dear mother used every trick in the book to get me into the Grammar School in the first place, but it was only when I got to Engineering College that I knew where I belonged, with a more hands on approach where I could use my God given talents to their best effect.

It is through this personal experience that I realise how misguided are some parents who insist on their offspring following in their footsteps or indeed struggling to the heights of the most demanding, but better paid jobs when they are so obviously suited to other paths in life.

In truth I have to say that I learnt most after I left school and college, having returned to college twice more, then following a pathway through Engineering, Catering, Health & Safety in tandem with Spirituality … I know, I know varied to say the least, but for me interesting! Interest being the prerequisite, you know, to understanding and learning. How about you?
With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Yes in truth too David I learnt most after leaving.. .. One thing which we need to review is what we are educating our youngsters.. Many are misguided, yet I am also inspired that many are also switched on… And see what we are doing … xx Love and Blessings


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