Down, down, down into the Base Court,
Where is an honest Lawyer bought?
With twelve years of argument – nought!

They say all the world’s a stage
We won at every base and higher stage
Appeal after appeal bought only rage.

For all the finery of wig and gown
All said not a word and just sat down
Greedily collected many a silver crown.

We from the Base Court are worse off
Brought down with persistent cough
Dreams dashed, but we are wiser enough.

A lesson in another land’s law
Has left us feeling rather raw
Since there is in fact no Common Law!

Interpretation to the letter
Of course, never gets any better
Except for the wealthy bribe getter.

Interpretation to the Spirit
Brings no overall merit
Since most just look for self credit.

This land of sun and light
Hides shadows in broad daylight
We are left to wallow in our plight.

Laws change without our knowing
The more they make in our unknowing
Makes us all criminals, base and highering.

At last when about to leave
We’ve found one, truth to weave
But still no reprieve!

Served our time and paid our fine
Still guilty in the eyes of the law in line
Makes no difference till the end of time!
In this part of rural Spain, without a spine.
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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3 Responses to THE BASE COURT

  1. Oh dear David.. sounds like a nightmare… And what gets me most is that laws are supposed to protect too.. Yet its geared up always for those who have money to fight in court.. So often those trying for justice just can not afford to take on the law..
    I do hope there is a solution to your dilemma .. I am so saddened for you both.


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