I was in a classroom and called to the front of the class. I spoke with the facilitator in a black gown whom many would call teacher or just teach and as I turned to return to my seat his face changed. Thinking it was my imagination I looked for my desk but the room had changed, the desks had changed positions in columns and rows, and my fellow students had turned and like the teacher were showing different faces. 

Later in the dream I became aware only of numbers, the numbers of highways, roads, streets and even post codes. Numerology filled my mind of which I know nothing now and see in waking consciousness like astrology just as clever manipulation of data. Was this showing me that I was used to using both in the remote past? 

Because I cannot see the likelihood of two people born under the same star, at the same time on the same day in different countries, turning out remotely like one another, and as far as numbers are concerned there are lies, damned lies, statistics and numbers which should be kept in the mathematician’s closet, however they are manipulated. 

I wondered in my dream if the act of turning or returning had anything to do with the changes I experienced? 

I remember being invited by a well meaning lady to partake in the healing of a horse which had been very badly treated. She worked with crystals, placed around the horse, and at the time I had a collection of my own, but only used my personal gold quartz crystal wand for healing and only ever leant it to a good friend to help someone in desperate need the once. All I felt while healing the horse was the pain it had experienced and I could not stop crying. 

Many of us are fascinated by crystals, place great store by them, but fail to realise that they have no power of their own since they are not living, having ceased to grow. It is my belief that the dream showed me that many of us are trying to return to a time in the remote past when we were all together and have reincarnated again at this same moment in Universal Time with different faces. 

We worked with crystal and scientific numbers then to great effect and are half remembering that amazing time, trying to return and recreate it in this life, but we have forgotten the mining, selection, method of preparation and purpose of complex numbers and special crystals, of which the Crystal Skulls are a case in point, with which I was intimately involved at the time they were made and used, and perhaps you could have been too. What do you feel?


Having had that experience what would be the point of returning to it again? We all have been there bought the T shirt and got the scars to prove it and it is those scars that are available to help us to understand our present lives to better effect. 

What would be the purpose of returning to a time when we were in full possession of all of the facts which we have now in this present moment half remembered or completely forgotten, but for a niggling suspicion, not to say superstition? 

It is true that many energies and half memories from previous incarnations are brought forward to us in this existence, not to encourage us to return to, but for entirely different reasons. 

There is much to learn by looking back in order to go forward. For a start we need to understand the source of the information we receive whether it be in the dream sequence, regression or in waking consciousness of which all are possible, but need understanding. 

The subconscious is as vast as the Akashic Record but we need to understand what we are looking at and how relevant it is to us and there are also warnings which can come through in the dream time and I’m sure you have had those moments of déjà vu when you know to take care of what is behind the door of a strange house you have never been to before!  

If we would go to the Akashic Record ourselves or try regression we must be careful that our focus is on us and not someone else or imagine that we were someone royal, famous or infamous. We were not all Julius Caesar, the Queen of Sheba or Napoleon, for goodness sake! 

I am always being told to turn round because I often forget stuff, I’ve left phones in trains and through scanners at airports, I leave lights on, but that’s just my physical forgetful self with an intense focus on one thing at a time. 

So do turn round and remember, using your memories, your dreams and your alarms to their best effect to direct you on the path of your true purpose and in the right direction for you right now.

With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel



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3 Responses to A DREAM of DIRECTION

  1. I have done a little work with crystal healing.. And have found you have to programme them, cleanse them regular.. I have one special crystal that holds the image of a power animal of mine.. The wolf.. This is a large Quartz crystal.. and special to me..

    You are right when you said we once worked closely with crystals.. and I am certain our lives hold memories associated with our past lives from that bygone time..

    Lovely post David.. thank you my friend Sue


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