Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag
That’s how the old WWII song went
No one suspected that WWI would be a repeated.
In those days the idea of shell shock
Was not even contemplated.
They didn’t know what it was
Least of all how to recognise and treat.

If you deserted your post or went awol,
When found you were shot for cowardice.
What a way to treat young men
Who were willing to give their lives
For their country not realising
The hell they were marching into,
Listening to Vera singing ‘we’ll meet again’

There is talk by some of bringing back
National Service in the UK.
Which I just missed by age and education.
If I could be sure that the Service
Would be as remote as it’s becoming
I’d be all for it, but I fear not
Just an excuse to teach the young how to kill.

Concerns are in my old kit bag for now
We’ve been packing up our troubles
Our fears, worries and hopes for the future,
And we now live in Box City
Waiting for the paperwork to be sorted
Waiting for the lawyers
To make sense of insensible laws.

Sharing the same moving to Spain
Or in our case moving out of Spain
With others in the same boat,
Whichever way it is a tricky business.
And patience has come yet again
To us and our friends yearning for UK
Much as we love Spain, home’s call is stronger.
© David Tenneson 2015.


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  1. just an excuse to make the young comply and stifle their dreams


  2. Ashish kumar says:

    great piece of writing… 🙂


  3. Jackie Jain says:

    Very well said David.. Pack up your troubles.. 🙂 Yea, no one imagined that there will be a world war-2 after world war-1. But according to the situations it was inevitable..
    Have a good day.. 🙂


  4. “Just an excuse to teach the young how to kill.” I totally agree David..

    And sending thoughts your way for more patience in your awaited Move..

    Thank you David, I have enjoyed catching up.. and hope not to leave it so long again.. but Summer commitments have meant less time for Blog hopping and as usual I then spend hours trying to catch up with my favourite friends 🙂 all at once..

    Love and Blessings to both you and yours.. Sue ❤


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