I have received channelled information in the past from more mediums than I can throw a stick at and have been advised that there is or are planes of existence where the inhabitants live in peaceful harmony alongside one another with no thoughts of envy, jealousy or war.

So what facilitates a Plane of Coexistence?

Would it mean a removal of the gift of Free-will? For rest assured by whatever name you would refer to a source of life on whichever plane you exist it is the same source which we call variously God, Allah, Great Spirit or the Logos.

Whatever the facility it is something which I feel is severely lacking at a deep level between us. No exclusions, whatever we profess! Maybe it’s the density?

Admittedly more obvious in some relationships, across boundaries and between countries than others, where the lack lies hidden and often covered by a shield. Lights lying hidden under bushels or clay pots and all that!

The shield being a shield of lies which comes to a point of explosion not being able to be contained any longer like the jacket filled with dynamite worn by a suicide bomber who gets to the point when he or she must pull the chord of detonation with the result that many are maimed if not killed outright.

Which incidentally is the greatest sin against the Souls of all and God, Allah and the Lord Logos, we are left in no doubt about the latent level of lack lying in the mind of the murderer.

Who by the way may have been so brainwashed as not even to realise their own lack, considering the whole world as a killing field and themselves as a martyr. This is of necessity an extreme example to give appreciation of the lack, being in this instance replaced by hate, manifested by weapons of individual, personal or mass destruction.

Throughout history we have seen lack manifest under banners of many nations, all proclaiming that God, Allah or the Logos is on their side, as if any all loving Divine Source of all there is would go to war on the side of anyone!

So what happened to mankind for so many to feel so lacking in love that they feel it necessary to bear arms and to shoot first, and ask questions later, invariably having been taught to shoot to kill all others, who do not subscribe to their own way! Or for no reason or motive at all.

Our present predicament with IS in Iran and Syria and their subsidiaries around the world, all fuelled by vast ill gotten wealth and the rhetoric of hate across the Middle East and Africa and in danger of spreading back to the countries of origin of those falsely inveigled into joining the brigades of death to infect the rest of us with their hate and lack of love.

I have spoken of the hidden lack and the lack of love, but in fact the real lack is the lack of respect for the existence, belief and way of being of every other member of the human race.

For there to be a Plane of Coexistence there has to be respect for one another no matter what colour we are, what faith we follow, how we dress, how we speak or how we behave, so long as we cause no harm to any other individual.

Respect all, love all and live to help all is the only way forward for the human race, unless of course we wish to curse this place and leave this planet to our cousins in the kingdoms of nature who seem to know the unwritten laws better than we humans do.

They coexist and only take what they need to feed themselves and their young, another lesson we should learn, but then there seems to be a law that allows us to kill for sport and hang our trophies of death on our walls to show how good we are. Good at what? Coexisting? I think not! A good shot? Poor Cecil the lion!

Maybe, or also perhaps at increasing the rate of extinction of all other species who share this planet with us, and that includes poisoning of the natural herbs, insects and most importantly the ones who help our natural crops to fertilise and grow, the bees! May the Lord Logos Bless them!

Oh! I nearly forgot us humans as well, but of course there are so many of us now it hardly matters when we murder each other by the hundreds.
Coexistence! What’s that?

With Love, tolerance and respect from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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5 Responses to PLANE of COEXISTENCE

  1. Excellently written David and I am in agreement with you. “I have spoken of the hidden lack and the lack of love, but in fact the real lack is the lack of respect for the existence, belief and way of being of every other member of the human race.”..

    I too have been told by those within the Spirit Realm about other planes of existence and ones which are filled with peace.. And they have also said that Earth’School’ is one of the harder Schools in which we learn and progress through. Perhaps here we learn more because we are constantly being tested because of the fact of Free Will.

    And when I pass from this plane dear David, As much as I Love this Living Library with it’s rich diverse populations of species, I would love to float in some other form for a while in total peace and contentment..

    Love and Blessings Sue


  2. Jackie Jain says:

    Very well said David.. True.. People’s perspective on God is changing and we are fighting for religion against religions.. People are not peaceful anymore.. 😦


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