We are concerned with space at the moment in our quest to downsize. What to take and what to leave behind, but in the widest context we know that space happens by no spoken word, but by the unspoken conscious cause of the Logos and that which we call and value as time is the offspring of the happening which occurs merely moment by moment as can only be recognised by change.

Some would say that all that we see when we look through our telescopes and listening devices over vast frequencies is all happening by chance and the fact that nobody responds to our messages only proves that there is no one there to respond. Therefore we are alone and there is no intelligent consciousness to guide the universe of space!

Such a consciousness if we can call it that with our own limitations of logic and language, for we still have not remembered, at least most of mankind has forgotten the way we used to communicate through the unfettered link of consciousness to consciousness.

This kind of communication accounts for the passage of the energetic transfer from pilgrim to Pater through prayerful conversation and from a healer to patient in pain, close-to or over a distance whose length is of no consequence.

Just to confuse our issues we cannot ignore the supposed flaps of UFOs that zoom through our skies and away into space, as portrayed by numerous sightings by respected observers you understand! I can also confirm communication with pilots of flashing lights in the twilight sky while driving back from Dover to Gatwick, as I reported elsewhere.

We have different ideas of space from the vastness above our beautiful blue sky down to the domestic spaces which we enjoy depending on who we are and where we live.

Just a joy to some would be pain to others, brought home to me when in India as the lady who had no home except the pavement would have relished a roof of some sort in the monsoon season which we would have deemed a necessity. I was caught out of the season in a freak storm in an open rickshaw and when we arrived at our hotel stood in the foyer as the water ran off me creating a stream to run back down into the street.

India is huge and full of space, but having asked to see India as it is and not from the window of a five star hotel we could not avoid people who seemed to be everywhere as we followed the Lotus Path. I wondered if they were attracted by the same yearning as me?

Many fervent followers were at all of the important places in the life of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and when I returned to England my friends and students clubbed together to buy me a beautiful stone Buddha, which I painted in the same colours of a photograph of the Buddha I took, in the Tibetan temple at Lumbini in Nepal, the place of Siddhartha’s birth.

Perhaps the space which I saw filled with folks was due to the same following and those who provided for the visitors in all of those places in that amazing country. A country I may say that you love or hate. I love India!

Being a true believer that we are not the only intelligent beings in this vast Universe of Space I have no doubt that I will end up in my next incarnation on some other planet than Earth, not necessarily in humanoid form either.

As to Space itself I have no wish to be one of the first non-astronauts to step on the moon, visit the International Space Station or to find a planet suitable to repatriate the human race when we have finally depleted this beautiful place revolving through Space which we call Earth and Home, at least for this incarnation.
How about you?

With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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7 Responses to SPACE

  1. A wonderful write David, and India I have not experienced.. But I have spent time in Sri Lanka on a business venture trip in the 90’s, and the contrast of living from those plush hotels I was fortunate to stay in to the ramshackle homes buit of corrugated iron I saw put life into perspective.
    And when the ex-pat who took us around and about told me off for tipping too much.. the equivalent at the time of 50 pence .. I Promptly turned around and said I tip what I like..

    I loved the people from Sri Lanka, they all were so hospitable.. In my travels I had to visit certain colleges and because our business schedule was so tight, There was no time to go sight seeing or shopping for gifts.. So this wonderful Professor who we saw volunteered to be mine and my female colleagues chaperone and for the rest of the afternoon we saw some sights and bought our gifts 🙂
    I have never forgotten this wonderful gesture.. And the wide smiles of people who had nothing to give but their love..
    Blessings Sue x


  2. Jackie Jain says:

    Wow.. Very well written David. We all have lost the way people used to link consciousness in olden days, which used to heal and give mental peace. I also love India, not only just because I am a citizen of India, also because this is such a beautiful country full of lovely people. Have a good day David.


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