Many is the time I’ve wondered
As through the green glades I’ve wandered
The meaning of life as I see it
Not only see, but hear and feel it?

When there are so many opposites
Which seem to vie from opposing sides
And yet we’ve been told to bring all to balance
That all inside requires, is a glance!

To appreciate the differences
Lurking in the corners of consciousnesses
Which some see merely as the shoulder sprites
One dark and the other full of lights.

But that’s not the full story
Some see it as shades of grey not glory
Some look for ascension into purity
But with so many steps into infinity.

Each of us has chances to balance
And they can only be done to enhance
The delicate ladder of ascension
At each level, a time spent of attention.

Attention to the level and its meaning
From the past and present leaning.
Where is your present emphasis
Is it purely your nemesis?

Do you need the glades to contemplate
Or can you easily communicate
On every level with whomever you wish
Or do you need blades to grant your wish?

Ask yourself blades or glades?
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to THE GREEN GLADES

  1. Loved this David.. “Each of us has chances to balance”.. Here’s to those scales finding their own level.. xx


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