I wonder how many times like us you’ve been told that something is impossible?
Some bright spark once said that if something is impossible then the only way forward is for it to become possible.

Question: Do you believe in miracles?

Well, I’ve told myself many times that I do believe in miracles, simply because I understand that so many things are beyond us humans, our concept or imagination of a possible resolution to something seen with our limitation of logic to be impossible.

But when something impossible becomes possible the first response is, ‘Ah well, you see there were things we did not know or could not see or natural regression over which we have no control’ etc., etc.

Let’s be fair the only word that makes any sense is miracle and if we can accept that then in hindsight we will see that miracles happen all the time!

Lately this has all come about that having lived here for nigh on ten years in total and four years wanting to sell and having found a buyer we are now told this is impossible because anyone who bought the place would not own the land the house sits on and could not be supplied with water or electricity, which we have enjoyed with no problem and we were certainly unaware of any crazy laws which some councils ignore and others, including ours, try to follow and enforce to the letter with them changing all the time depending on which party comes to power!

To begin with every door we knocked on opened to very pleasant people in response to our cheerful and polite greeting but all answers to our legitimate question were met with a negative, except one. Hooray!

The fact that other expats had come up against the same responses, to the point of losing everything, was no help or compensation and all we could do was to carry on knocking and pray for a miracle. But when it said, ‘Knock and it shall be opened unto you’, what it didn’t say was what the response would be! Now we know! And we thought our faith was strong, our prayerful connections and conversations were for the highest good of all. Yeah right!

So was this all a huge test of our faith?

Certainly our patience had been tested, having waited four years for a buyer to show up, so what now? We watch with great care the omens, clues and causes in the firm belief that in doing so the effects will be those that keep us on a firm footing, on the right path and according to our true purpose in this life.

Suddenly out of the blue the house was sold and wanting a fast exchange. Then after impossible requests and a lot of running around, we thought we were getting somewhere only to be told that the sale had fallen through, then it was back on, but again with impossible assurances needed which only someone with a crystal ball could give including a piece of paper which no one else seems to posses! God bless lawyers, law makers and all those who find them impossible to live by, making us all criminals!

Decided to sleep on it … try sleeping on this state of affairs!

It appears that we expats from regulated countries with strict laws look for the same in other countries whose nationals disregard all laws with impunity and get away with it. They have also learnt to live in the moment and not worry about the future which does not exist as it has not happened yet and certainly cannot be predicted.

What is it the Huna say?
‘The past is gone and cannot be altered, the future does not exist and this moment is a gift which is why we call it the present!’ A pity we can’t all treat it as such.

We fell in love with a house in a very bad state, how crazy is that?
We spent a lot of time, energy, money and love on making it habitable and beautiful and the law at the time was on our side. Since then, over the last ten years, things have changed and now even the law is impossible.

Justice is portrayed as blind holding a sword and a set of scales.
In this country she is also deaf, her scales are weighted in favour of the rich and she is in danger of slitting her own throat with the sword of corruption.

How strange that we still pray for a miracle!
With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. dear David this post explains much.. and my heart goes out to you both.. I Believe in Miracles… and I am sure your faith in them will make your Dreams come to fruition .. ❤


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