What is meant by First Cause?
Well, first cause to my mind was never the first cause since nine times out of ten the first cause is lost in the mist of the story tellers of time, sitting round the fire at night after a day’s work is done and all are falling asleep in its comforting glow and the drone of the story teller’s tone.

Is it any wonder that stories passing from mouth to ear are so often misheard and told again in the newly embellished form? Until, that is, the glorious moment arrives and those wondrous words were finally committed to written form and once in print were sacrosanct and therefore the word of …

Apart of course from the scalpels of the spiritual surgeons and the glue of the glory hunters wishing to add their own version of the Word! So powerfully added and omitted words, phrases and sections, of so called sacred text, which if we had been a fly on the wall we would know were never spoken by the one.

Besides who would remember who was never there and only wrote their version never having met him and only picked up their quill one hundred years later at least?

It makes you wonder what cause could have cauterised the cantons and gospels of so many faiths which bear little resemblance to the original, if there ever was such a thing, which bear little resemblance to any spoken word. Who was there to record their words, heard, misheard or made up since?

There is no doubt in my mind that there were gifted individuals with vision in every sense of seeing, hearing the still small voice inside and so imbued with energies that they could heal through faith in them and who they represent.

There were some in the immediate circle of the gifted ones who were capable of hearing, listening and understanding the word and it is a great shame that the great greed of man denied us that same teaching in favour of the effect of control.

If only we had been taught the truth, how to communicate with the real First Cause, how to listen within and to hold the most important conversations of each of our brief lives on Earth.

Sadly we have evolved into a gullible race, each seeking our own control, but also willing to listen to the many causes out there, of which there are legion, each accumulating their own cult followings by those powerfully persuasive personalities, as if they were the First Cause themselves knowing certain books so well that they can quote them chapter and verse.

Some even have just to pick up a newspaper to believe what they see in print regardless of the unknown editorial dictate which throughout any reporting ensures a certain political bias in all things.

Is it any wonder that politicians employ ex-newspaper personnel and general journalists with a certain kind of flair as their publicists otherwise known as spin doctors?

So what is the First Cause to you?

Some believe that the First Cause must be an intelligence which could produce a Big Bang out of nothing, but come on: a Big Bang out of nothing? When we see the star nurseries given to us by the latest scientific discoveries in space we see creation happening continuously.

If we want to look back we will never find what we are looking for! We humans do love numbers so much and some will tell you that this is in fact the twelfth Universe. Why do you think twelve is such a popular number? Nothing to do with First Cause.

If it were, can you define Infinity for me please?

If you try to define the indefinable with your third dimension consciousness you have no chance what so ever of a definition which is understandable with a vocabulary in any language on Earth which is complete enough to pronounce the unpronounceable.

There is only one place in this Universe where sense can be made of anything relative to our present journey and that is the moment you read this.

Why? Because it is the only moment when the First Cause exists.

With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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5 Responses to FIRST CAUSE

  1. Our Human minds are only capable of holding so much.. and infinity and first cause are among those we humans speculate within our limited intelligence over ..
    I know when I return from whence I came.. All such knowledge will be instant recall.. 🙂 as we join as One with ALL..


  2. Jackie Jain says:

    Yes David. Very true. Well said. We all are misguided and mis-leaded when it comes to the true information or first cause. The stories are told with respect to the advantages of each individual. And the true sacred texts are re-edited and modified, so we lost the true meaning of our existence. There are some people who can see within. But the truth can never be held secret, one day it will erupt as a volcano out of lies. 🙂
    Have a good day David.


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