In some countries they know nothing but winter, and in others nothing but heat and these are the deserts of the world where some have nothing but ice, others salt, others sulphur and some, the most well known just sand! Then we have the open plains, steppes and prairies which we, having taken no notice of the natural ways of nature have often ploughed into dust bowls.

In the more temperate places there are graduations between the seasons with gentle changes in the temperatures of spring to summer, summer to autumn, autumn to winter. Here though we have very small windows between the seasons in terms of temperature for us expats to get our outside work done in anything like comfort. It is no wonder that Siestas were invented!

Or maybe it’s just us not being able to cope with the heat as we used to in our youth. OK if you are on holiday and no real work to do, but a different matter when year round responsibility, upkeep and maintenance is concerned. Great to have a dip in the pool, but different if it’s your job to maintain the beast no matter which chemicals are on hand.

It seems like overnight the thermometer has a hiccup and jumps five to ten degrees into the discomfort zone unless of course you’re on that sun lounger. Mind you that brings its own dangers which most holiday makers don’t understand or do not care about. Maybe later though!

We are told that the sun brings about a change in the skin producing the Vitamin D which we all need to be healthy which a gentle walk in the sun would bring, but to lie for hours, no matter how much factor 30 used, will bring not health but the prospect of catastrophic cancer in due course.

The family still believe that we are on constant holiday here in sunny Spain now that their next generation families have grown to the point where it’s too expensive to fly out to stay with us, whereas in fact we have had one holiday in twelve years!

Hence the main reason why we are trying to get back nearer to the family, but having said that, this new stage of our present adventure to Planet Earth has all the hallmarks of a working holiday, so no change there then, and to be honest we can’t wait!
It’s what we’ve been working towards over the past twelve years of our retreat here in Iberia, hoping to provide for others, where strange as it may seem we relish cloudy days and look forward to lush green pastures, moors and the rolling hills of home.

The retreat I spoke of was meant as I say to be for others, but turned out to be for us to learn, to practice and to work on many different levels, we now realise the value of solitude, preparing us for the imminent adventure which is almost upon us.

We were both born in northern countries and the clear cut seasons with gentle moves between each pair hold no fears for us and we will be able to take our raincoats and wellies out of storage in the hope that they have not perished but lasted like us through our monk like twelve year Trappist treat, with similarly enough, our days have been governed by bells!

The most beautiful one of all was not ours at all but with the wind in the right direction and in the right season the bell from the church in the village across the valley from where we sit, stirred something in the forgotten memories from ages past.

To some the sound of everyday bells from Abbeys, Minsters or Monasteries can become a nuisance except on days of celebration like the birth of a Royal or the remembrance of the end of a war no matter the season, but to us they are a joy in any season. I guess a remembrance of both this and remote past lives.

But what of seasons of the mind?
When we are born our consciousness is already pre-programmed by the influence of the mother and then fast followed by the family and environment to which we have to become a part.

So the first season which I believe has nothing to do with the ages of man or woman, but dependant solely on the strength of the influence can last a lifetime!

In the usual course of events we will bring our own beliefs into our burgeoning consciousness which grows as we grow and if we are willing will present its own seasons which we will not name as each is unique, but let each aspire to its highest potential avoiding the deserts but reaching for the lush pastures of spiritual enlightenment, summer long.
Walk with us through the lush meadows filled with nature’s bounty of wild flowers and with the Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to SEASONS

  1. May the Seasons of the Soul help us mature through our Earth Life.. as we all prepare for that Journey to the ‘Summerland’ xxx
    Lovely read David


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