It seems that most countries whether experiencing critical situations like the explosions of epidemics like Ebola or just a better, healthier population living longer, either way putting additional strain on their Health Services.

Nothing much changes and they say the best place to catch a cold is in your doctor’s waiting room. I could never understand why folks still run to their doctor with a common cold and happily spread it to everyone they meet and I do applaud the Japanese who have the sense to wear a surgical face mask to go about their business. Why don’t we follow suit? Perhaps I’ll start a trend!
How about you?

It is a fact though that as we age and live longer due to life style and health care changes and improvements, I wonder if we have become too clever with over use of antibiotics making life more and more difficult for us not only by over prescription, but by over use by food producers pumping livestock full of those same chemicals as preventives, but which are suppose to heal us and therefore have no effect in the original state on bugs which only mutate and make life almost impossible for clinicians. The only ones to benefit would be the big pharmaceutical companies.

I had thought that with an aging, but still active, population there would be a more vibrant grouping in retirement. Not so! The Governments have cottonned on to the idea and have extended retirement age across many countries when we had all thought we would be able to work less as automation took over.

One of the ancient benefits of an easing of physical work and eventual retirement was the time made available to be able to consider the finer things of life. At this point your mind boggles as you think of all the things which you always wanted to do by never had the time for. In retirement which I had to take early through industrial accident, I recovered completely luckily and wondered how I ever had time to go to work I became so busy.

Like many the day job was only one aspect of daily life, but my passion always lay in the finer aspects of consciousness and after some considerable time of self doubt, one fine day a medium said, ‘thank goodness you have overcome your humility’ as I accepted the gift of being a healer.

There are not many young folks who ventured across the threshold of our little church where the average age was in excess of sixty. Even my own family I did not insist come with me to church but left them to use their own Free-will to choose whether to or not. In the event one chose a different church and the other did not but chose to conduct her own brand of faith apart from religion.

Of course I applauded both and would defend their choices with my life as I would any to choose their pathway to the Divine. It is the greatest shame on humanity as a whole that we cannot respect the choices that others make in the choice of faith and path to follow.

There are so many faiths to follow, many are full of sound and fury and I often wonder if that signifies anything, since I in my old age tend to follow a more quiet introspection in the recognition of the still small voice inside, through a move away from the noisier ceremonials of my youth, to spiritual meditation which does not even have to involve an expensive building and its upkeep since my temple is within, which I carry with me wherever I go.

As far as my own burden on health professionals in whichever country I have resided I can only applaud their care, kindness, patient understanding and wonderful treatment.

When considering the over dependence on the family doctor whose time for us is limited to minutes these days as opposed to my youth when hours was the norm added to a consideration of the effect of one of us on the rest of us. A true family doctor!

I suppose I have no room to talk with my own score of major and minor symphonies of operations now reaching sixteen. Other members of the family cannot stand the smell of hospitals, but strangely I don’t mind them at all, almost like second homes to me! Would you believe?

It seems to me that the way to live life is to remain active whether you have to keep working for whatever reason or can retire. Activity of both brain and body is the secret. The worst thing you can do is to give up on retirement, and by that I mean to think that you are past it! Honestly what nonsense, because what you think you will surely, eventually become.

With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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