We call her the Wolf Spider
Patiently waiting, the perfect hider.
Watching us with beady eyes
Tense as we reach toward her hides.

She sits between towel and wall
In the loo just off the hall
Where most folks have to make a call
Watching and waiting ready to fall.

We only want to use the towel
We can see the salivating jowl
We notice in time and shake her away
She’ll live to hunt another day.

What is it about tails that fascinate cats?
Have you ever heard of vegetarian rats?
The two came together in the compost heap
Where it’s nice and warm for a cat to sleep.

Never did find the result of that meet
There was certainly never any meat
To attract a rat or cat for a match
To explain the bite mark and the scratch

Then there was the adolescent adder
The cat tried to catch and deliciously devour
Just parted the two in time as snake slithered
And the upset cat mewed and mithered.

Secret squirrel proved to be a nipper
Who took a shine to the water dripper
As he punctured every pipe on show
So much for drip feed, we now have rainbows!

The little owl is so sweet, more of a woo than a tweet
He regurgitates and poohs where we put our feet.
Other noisy, but unidentified night birds
Sound much more like human calls and words.

The metre long fat green snake
Was too much for any to take or make
A fuss and let it slither into the dust
Of the field next door. We thought, a must!

Perhaps he was looking for his next meal
A big fat toad would have made a deal
Hiding under accumulated leaves
I raked them away then back again to please.

Swallows in their place are a delight
Swooping and diving all day to twilight
They line the wires and wait perchance
For an open door to a nesting chance.

Red throated Swallows are all very well
I love them all as each summer they dwell
With us, delighting with aerial displays
Great pleasure as the Grey Throated Martin plays.
© David Tenneson 2015.


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  1. Deb Villines says:

    Reblogged this on Reflections -Dreams; Love & Light; Inspirational writer and commented:
    I am very impressed with this poem, its a must to read;) written by a fellow blogger:))


  2. Deb Villines says:

    Hey, I stumbled across your blog, from Sue’s Dreamwalker; and I read several post, gave you likes on them,so far, I have been very impressed with your poetry and writing; but this one I must share, hope you don’t mind. Love and Light; Deb


  3. Lovely poem David… 🙂 love swallows.. here we have swifts who feed on wing.. Loved all of your verses… Enjoy your new week my friend.. Sue


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