You might have thought that this was going to be about slavery in our modern times which still goes on and human trafficking is a scourge on the race, but no not this time, we start off superficially and then dive a bit deeper. So check out your breathing apparatus and jump in as we make our start, in the kitchen of all places!

I am reminded of a rhyme from my youth:
Pease pudding hot, Pease pudding cold,
Pease pudding in the pot, nine days old;
Some like it hot, some like it cold,
Some like it in the pot, nine days old.[
(Fermented or what? But so good for you!)

But it really has no place here as it could be peas or porridge neither of which have a place in my ramble on roots! You see, madness becomes me!

Mother in Law was my best friend and being Orkadian introduced me to mashed neaps (swede to the uninitiated) with cream and white pepper to which we now add a good pinch of Turmeric.
My Mum’s favourite was rough chopped parsnip and carrots together.

My own is what might loosely be termed Pommes Lyonaise with layers of sliced potato, leek, onion and cheese with a little crunch of chopped celery sprinkled with grated parmesan baked in the oven and topped with fresh chopped parsley.

The roots are very forgiving and not requiring the attention of the greens and even on the medicinal front: sliced turnip sprinkled with sugar and left overnight produced a liquor to ease a hacking cough when I was a child, a teaspoonful at a time.

However, you might be more concerned with your roots from the point of view of your family history seeing yourself by name of continent, island or country and probably over laced with a good dose of religion to a greater or lesser degree according to the depth of your faith, or the pressure of those around you to conform to the accepted following.

Unfortunately religion has a lot to answer for when you consider as we do that there is only one God, who created us all, and perhaps a number of upstarts who call themselves gods or should I say are named gods by us human god makers!

So when we come to our ultimate root or origin it has to be, no matter what we call ourselves, from the Source of All There Is, whom you might call God and I call the Lord Logos.

In which case we are all from the same source whatever colour, genetic origin or faith, in fact all brothers and sisters. So why don’t we behave like a family?
Or is that too much to ask since some families fight like cats and dogs or they just don’t communicate at all!

There is, as you might imagine, one more fundamental root common to us all but at the same time individual just like the foundation of any building, and you will not thank me I’m sure for turning these theories on their heads when applying them to us, but here goes:

You see, our roots begin as seeds in the womb and are so tender as to be adversely affected by the actions, aversions or addictions of an afflicted mother.
This in short is where the rot of the root can set in!

With mobility in our growing years we can keep our feet rooted in the earth and at the same moment aspire to the Spirit, just like a tremendous tree. The problem is that the state of our root or fundamental Base Chakra my already be mal-formed and we are trying to build on a dangerous foundation. The tree let’s face it would fail and be no longer tremendous! So what of us?

It is generally not appreciated, the fragile nature of the root and how it is susceptible to the feelings beliefs and actions of the mother. It may take a lifetime of inner work to overcome these unwanted conditions of consciousness which are not of the person, but of the parent!

The root is the foundation upon which all other chakras stand and without correction enlightenment may never be possible which is why it is so important for us all to know ourselves so intimately that we are aware of every facet of our physical, spiritual and mental makeup in order to be able to proceed along our true path of purpose and in particular, of course, the physical/spiritual interface!

Do care for your tender root with proper nourishment and spiritual sustenance.
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to ROOTS

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    Yes, you are so right when telling us to care for our root (or is it roots?) for of the state of that root will depend whether the fruits we produce are good, less good or even bad.

    We sometimes forget that for a few (long?) months our mothers carry us along come rain or come shine. Some mothers are prepared to care for the unborn but then some mothers are not.
    A good psychologist may predict whether the mother to be is ready to not only grant life but also to care for it forgetting for a (long?) moment her own needs.
    It is very clear that many of us “remember” what our mothers liked or disliked even before we saw daylight. Therefore, it is important to understand not only ourselves pretty well but also the circumstances of our arrival in THE World.

    I do believe that to be able to judge the sparkle of the facets of a diamond one should have seen it when it was a rough piece of mineral. The diamond was present all the time, but a diamond cutter/polisher was necessary to get rid of all that prevented to see its beauty.
    That is exactly what is or should be happening to our souls.

    The soul needs to be beautified by the experiences of the Human Lives it accepts to encounter. Without these experiences, for sure, it would remain a rough stone. Only by rubbing itself to others diamond it might one day be compared to a piece of Star fallen on this Earth.

    With much love.



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