Two very placid cats
Are not content to sit on mats
But love to be near us.
And that’s a fact!

One golden and proud sits like Set
With golden eyes and coat to match
He is a King among cats.
And that’s a fact!

The other shines like a star
With a name like Twinkle
Her presence stretches afar.
And that’s a fact!

Good company for them and for us.
They rough and tumble with no fuss
With us they are loving and gentle.
And that’s a fact!

JB’s cat is Autumn by name
Twinkle the Lady belongs to Molly
But as usual cats choose the claim.
And that’s a fact!

If you have a cat you’ll understand
Such affection knows no bounds
They are the leaders of the family band.
And that’s a fact!

From Papá to JB & Molly with Love
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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5 Responses to FACTS of CATS

  1. They both sound delightful Cats David.. and wonderful companions.. 🙂


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David or is it Papá,

    I am sure that JB and Molly (and also Autumn and Twinkle) will read your poem with the same joy that I read it.
    Yes, one could not have better rendered the majesty and beauty of those felines who have chosen us, for we only think we choose them … and that too is a fact.

    With love on this Saturday morning bathing in a glorious sunshine.



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