What is Peace to you?
Is it a Piece of Mozart, Bach or Beethoven, or a walk in open countryside?
Although I love Bach, and the Beethoven Symphonies with the 9th the best of course, my favourite music, though no aficionado, is Handel played on the ancient instruments with the clarity of a solo Contra Tenor!

Certain music has to be listened to and others, going nowhere, allow you to follow your own path through the corridors of consciousness clearing as you go and leaving you with no thought and open to the Divine.

Peace though takes many forms for many people.
Take the sound of a baby crying. To some it is an annoyance to disturb their otherwise calm afternoon and yet to others the verbal blessing of the gift of life, in which they find peace, of course it helps a bit if the child is your own and you recognise the need within the cry. You might even thank God for a good pair of lungs for your baby!

Many of us need silence to work or to meditate so that our concentration is not disturbed, which I can understand from my work point of view, but although concentration I see as the prerequisite to meditation there are ways to change the threshold of sound.

In other words it is perfectly possible to pray or to meditate within the noise barrier of say a jumbo jet, in a noisy underground on the way to work, (just make sure you don’t miss your station), or in the middle of the uncertain crash, deluge and spatter of a thunder storm.

Some may be plagued with what has been diagnosed as tinnitus and find this level of sound impossible to deal with or to move above or below its threshold.
Although some have managed to learn to live with this seemingly constant intrusion there is another way to look at this mystery.

We are now in the age of miniature robots able to travel through the minute spaces within the human body, able to photograph and even effect internal surgery, so just imagine if one of these marvels was fitted with a super sensitive microphone.

Did you ever consider what peace really means within your body with so much going on beyond our conscious control just to keep us alive? Did you imagine that any or all of those processes was completely silent?

I am sure you are beginning to get the point!

You see, in my book there is no such thing as tinnitus, but what has happened is that we have forgotten how to distinguish between outside and inside bodily noise and how to turn off or tune out of the latter.

In what you may define as Peace you consider silence or at least the almost silent sounds of nature as your idea of that supposedly more and more elusive state, but as I say with a bit of practice you can train yourself to move above or below your own threshold of sound which of course must be different for us all.

After a busy day with things coming at you from all angles and the monkey chatter spreading like a plague in the passages of mind you crave a bit of peace.
Though on the other hand having had the kids all day and just got them bathed,
stories read and calmly watching their favourite animation until daddy comes home. You can at last relax, or so you thought!

Daddy arrives fully hyped up from work, kids are overjoyed to see him, rush into his arms get thrown into the air and onto the soft sofa with a crash to their calm little bodies disturbing the peace which you so endearingly fostered and now of course your own peace is shattered as you fret over how long they will take to get to sleep so you can have some peace of your own.

How is it that some manage to sail through these moments of trauma like a punt on a placid pond and yet others succumb to the noise of life instead of the peace of life?

So, where does your peace lie?
Even a little piece of peace is all some can crave from the rush, the crash and chaos of their busy lives but when you look at life through this new lens maybe your piece of peace will grow to encompass more than you ever thought possible!

Be at peace, with Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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7 Responses to A PIECE of PEACE

  1. jackiejain says:

    Wow. So true. Very nice. Peace is home to our soul. As sleep is to our body, peace is to our soul.


  2. I enjoy Peace and stillness listening to nature in the garden.. I dislike listening to neighbours radio’s 🙂 when trying to relax.. But I love Music, Meditation music and listening to classical … Music for the soul..

    I lived through TOO many days in the busy noise of factory Life of Textiles and then came home to the noise of children, teen tantrums, Loud music LOL… PEACE in those days was hard to come by..
    I am cherishing my Piece of Peace today David 🙂 in Gratitude for all the humdrum times which makes one appreciate these slots of ‘Peace’ even more.. But isn’t that part of the lesson.. To experience opposites! 🙂 then learn and look back through the Lens of Life.. 😉

    Another great read from your good self David.


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