Sometimes I get the feeling that we hang on too tight!
Just recently we had a lesson to teach us that although we often doubt our own capabilities, at other times we thing we know best and do anything to keep others out under the impression that we can do better.
So where’s the balance?

One of the hardest lessons for some is to know and to recognise the moment when to let go. When you have been fending for yourself for most of your life, indeed being the one to help others as well, it is hard especially with advancing years to say, ‘enough I leave it to others now’.

A case in point was the four years through which we have struggled to sell our house showing round and explaining every detail and possibility to prospective buyers. What we did not realise was that we had not let go of the place and were just reinforcing our own energies in the house and not letting others see their own selves and possibilities in the space.

The moment we sat in the centre of the building and withdrew all of our energy leaving a neutral vibration and then handed over the showing to others the place was sold within a week. Is that too simplistic? Some might say that the moment had arrived, but we tend to feel that we had a definite hand in its transfer, not so close but from a distance.

I guess it was as painful for you to take your children to their first day of school whether they cried or not and I bet you shed a tear on the way home alone for the first time.

Even worse when they found the one they considered to be their life partner followed by engagement, marriage and a silent home for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime. What a letting go that was!

Family pets whose lifetimes are so short, are equally as bad, you must be aware of the loyalty especially of mans best friends but I can vouch for our feline friends too. But I wonder if you are aware of the even closer connection that exists between animals and humans on the vibration of love?

Some who spend many hours with dogs or cats may be aware, but do you realise that close friends like our household pets are not just willing through the kind of unconditional love which however much they upset us persists through any command like, ‘go to your basket’.

Nevertheless they continue to bring us presents of the most unsavoury kind to try to make amends and simply, in their way ask the question, ‘what have I done wrong?’

A pet will not only try to protect us from a predator of whatever kind, but they are capable of taking on the vibration of disease to save us from certain death, their love for us is that great!

All are unique, just like us humans, they react and show their love in different ways. I had a beautiful Devon Blue tom who was definitely not a lap cat and not once, but twice took on board my cancer which eventually took him away from me as I had to take him to the vet where he passed away in my arms.

That was a letting go which I will always remember with contrary feelings of sadness and the greatest gratitude.

Families at war seem to be a factor of the human race and mine was and is no different. I did not speak to my mother for two years because of her submission to an aged and aggressive aunt but having made up with her the weekend before I received a call to say she was not well and if I lived nearer I should return. Needless to say I drove back the 200 miles and two days later she died in my arms and I surprised myself, after our history, for crying like a baby.

After all she was my mum and the letting go knocked me for six! Over the boundary for sure and almost over the edge!

There are ‘lettings go’ which we know we have to make as life must go on and we need to support our offspring and families as best we can, but when it is a complete loss that surely is the most difficult to bear, even with our personal connection to the Source of All There Is and all which we have learnt and found within over the last three quarters of a century, we are no different.

In the theatre of war I am constantly horrified that we as a race still send our young men to give their lives. For what? And if they are lucky enough to return having lost so many of their colleagues, the mental scars left defy description and I applaud those who at last recognise this most insidious of injury coupled with the loss of limbs and try to bring our young heroes back from the brink of despair and help them to ‘let go’ and to live again.
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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4 Responses to LETTING GO

  1. Yes sometimes we hang on far too tight.. and I am pleased you saw this and withdrew your energies David.. I hope the sale goes through smoothly as you let go and embrace the new..
    Love and Blessings Sue


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    How well I understand your post. I can vouch for the difficulty of the moments of “let go”, especially when Life must go on whether you feel alone or not.

    We do forget that time is human and that hours pass faster than the 60 minutes we accept they represent.
    Yes, indeed to let go is a difficult moment when it happens and that is why we should always be “prepared” to say good-bye. Our little suitcase should be available at all times just as the mother to be is ready for the crucial moment when she will rightly be called a “Mum”.

    Our families, our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues and our pets are all fleeting personages on the great stage of our life on Earth. They come and they go, and seldom or never can we retain them when it is time for them (or indeed for us) to take their leave.
    That is how LIFE makes us all equals for we will all arrive at the banks of the great river the ancient Greeks called the Stix whether we wanted it or not.
    May we then all have the necessary “obole” under our tongue to pay the “Ferryman” for he will not accept any eloquent speeches or excuses. That’s not what he is paid with nor for.

    May we all learn to accept to let go even of our dearest treasures and recover our serenity while we all know that this is ONLY an “Au Revoir” and a “Farewell”, We are bound to meet again even if we don’t know where, even if we don’t know when but we will sure meet again one sunny day.

    Written with much love as a comment on your post.



    • David says:

      Yes indeed, dear Eugene, we must all treasure our time together for as Vera sang ‘We’ll meet again’ even though we might not recognise each other next time! Love, David


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