Without it we would die
This surely is no lie
Even those in desert terrain
Have existed there with no rain
But in the night the dew descends
At certain heights dampness lends
Its life giving liquid to man’s Oases
Palms sway in Sahara’s mini seas.

But if only they were not nomadic
They would find deep below the magic
Of water in aquifers hidden from the sun
Sweet and pure and waiting for the one.
But is there time left for such expedition
When all else on Earth is in depletion?
We even look beyond the stars for a place
That has water to validate the race into space.

It is our saving grace bringing life to all
All life needs it to survive, but the call?
The call is to save each and every drop
Using twice if possible, if in doubt stop!
Turn off the tap. Why pay extra to flush
A drain and line the pocket of those in a rush
To take your money and deplete the Earth?
Long past the glut we’re now in dearth.

We’ve learnt to shower rather than to bathe,
To stand in the shower is not the way to behave!
Heating only to fill the cup for making tea
Rather than a kettle full each time for a coffee.
This is the way to change habits of a lifetime
Saving our vital resource or no life, no time.
You get the message? Clean but not cleanse
To save, why not shower with your friends?
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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3 Responses to MOISTURE:

  1. I only fill the kettle for two cups David,, water is precious, and I empty the water used to wash and peel vegetables back on the flower garden in the summer.. We also have around 6 rain barrels.. 5 in the allotments, and one recently installed to collect rain from the green house so we can use to fill the small fish pond up with rainwater instead of tap water..

    And we live in a rainy country! 🙂 I do not know how those manage with little rain-fall.

    Wishing you a good week my friend


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