When I was studying Health and Safety the Tutor shared a story with us that his 12 year old son had a friend whom he, the Tutor, could not stand.

I volunteered that maybe he saw in the boy something which he wished to change or maybe aught to change within himself, to a chorus of, “That’s a bit deep!”

Our Tutor was speechless and I could see that he was momentarily looking deeply within himself for an answer.
The question is: Do you know yourself well enough so that when a bolt comes from the blue, you are able instantly to evaluate and decide if indeed you need to change or accept it? Rather than be totally overwhelmed by something which is contrary to your own beliefs, likes or wants in this your life!

There will be many situations, often not of your making, but necessarily involving those close to you, either family or friends, and it is these opportunities which give you continuous chances to reassess your thoughts, ideas, feelings and therefore beliefs.

In the understanding that all the beliefs which you hold may not in fact be yours but those impressed upon you by others since the time of your birth!

This is the most valuable time, not to be missed, firstly to decide, on your reassessment, which beliefs you need to hold onto and secondly the thoughts and beliefs which you definitely need to let go of.

Do not make the mistake of imagining that by letting go of any belief that it will leave a void in your mind or that you will become vulnerable in any way.

In short you become free of the ideas and beliefs of others which you have held as baggage leaving you the ultimate freedom to express your God given right of Free-will choice.

This new choice which is yours alone to express enables you to become the real you without any foreign influence or intervention, however closely connected.
Your own beliefs can be found by following the trail of your feelings about everything in any situation which gives you, without judgement to decide on true or false.

Can you see the advantage in this act of becoming?
This is what your life is all about: Becoming who you are really meant to be, what your true purpose on Earth is this time round and allowing your true personality to shine through.

It is at this moment in time that you begin to realise that it matters not one iota what others think of you or what beliefs they have tried to instil in you, to their own advantage, since you are unique.

Now that you are more aware of your true self, your path of Ascension assumes a fresh clarity as your whole life happens in the rarefied atmosphere of happiness as your personality blossoms in the knowledge of your true self.

One final point: It is wanting that keeps the Universe alive and moving in response to your individual Free-will choices. So remember that when Buddha asked his disciples to avoid desiring what he meant was to avoid any desire which would result in harm or unhappiness to any other conscious being on Earth! For the rest it is up to you to exercise your own Free-will for the highest good of all beginning with yourself and your own true beliefs!
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. eugene1492 says:

    You say you value our comments, dear David, and that is why we should tell you what we think and why we like or not your posts.
    Indeed, I loved this post on self-analysis.
    Know thyself first but do it thoroughly and yes, it is true that one is often confronted with personal flaws when an identical imperfection hit us in the face but belongs to others.
    That’s when we may go wrong for we don’t sit down with that person daring an open conversation about a shortcoming you JUST discovered in him or her. You might then unpleasantly be surprised to hear that it is exactly that same personality blemish that annoys them in… YOU!!!

    You know I like to give examples drawn out of our daily lives as humans and in this case it will not be otherwise.

    What you implied I see as follows:
    During our years of pre-adulthood, we are given a frozen tart base.
    The handed base already contains sugar (maybe too much), salt (maybe not enough), flour (not always of the best kind) and maybe water or milk BUT that is not it.
    I insisted on the “frozen” part of the tart base for it will be up to us to transform this base in a real piece of “ART” by adding fruit, cream, custard or whatever it takes to show the bystanders that we have made something very personal.

    You can help yourself by consulting a whole library of cookbooks and grandmothers’recipes, but at the end of the day.. the tart should be your “pièce de résistance”, your “chef d’oeuvre” for you baked it.
    You might later complain about the malfunctioning of your oven or the deteriorated utensils you had to use, but finally you should have dealt with it all the best you knew how.

    Don’t leave this Planet with your frozen tart base under your arm for that would mean that you failed to make it your own of what Live gave you.

    My advice to myself and to those I meet in this world is: let’s be willing to have open discussions about whom we are without prejudices nor preconceived opinions about others.
    It would then soon be clear that we are ALL HUMANS, but that education, religion, culture or environment might have blinded us about this fundamental truth.
    We have duties and rights, but it is essential that the two should be combined harmoniously while then, and only then, can LIFE on this our Blue Planet be worth living.

    The Golden Age never existed. It is a dream that we still should pursue.
    It is a very different dream from the mythical Fountain of Youth or the land of “Shangri La”, which are figments of a poor imagination wanting to find easy ways out of our daily human chores and frailties.

    Love and much Light I wish to you, David, and to all the readers of your post (and of my comment, of course!).



    • David says:

      Well dear Eugene, Long as you warned me but so legitimate and so often those open discussions are the most difficult but also in the long run the most valuable. Thank you so much on behalf of all who will read your comment. Love, David


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