Some of us measure time in terms of our own age, but since we are all different we age at different rates and not according to the years that have passed.
How often do you hear, ‘I may be 60 but I feel like 21’ ? But usually with the addendum of: ‘Trouble is by body doesn’t agree with me!’

You know when I first set foot on the spiritual ladder I was told that when we get to heaven, if we pass as a child we continue to grow in Spirit and on the other hand if we pass somewhere around our allotted span of three score years and ten when we get to heaven we are all in our prime at about 35!
So do we all ascend bodily as ascribed to the Masters? I don’t think so! And quite honestly not even for them.

I was so naïve that I accepted the notion that if we passed with a chronic disorder or traumatic accident there would be a good deal of time for healing to take place in the Healing Halls of Heaven.

I sincerely hope that most of my readers will by now be under no such illusions and be aware that the body we leave behind, the Spirit downloads into the Akashic Record and the Soul, the only Eternal part of this entity in all its glory will ascend instantaneously into the Realm of Souls, for want of a better name.

Time in fact, of course does not exist and if anything is the child of Space.

However, consider the Soul entering a new life: There is a forgetting, having selected what would give the required experience, giving up its control to the Spirit and suffering what I call the Great Forgetting, or perhaps amnesia would be a more widely understood term.

The only thing remembered is the moment when passing to the higher life will occur, but leaving everything else up to that moment in the hands of the guiding helmsman or Spirit. So whether a life is of a day, a week a year or many years its only limit is the moment when its purpose has been served.

It is a most difficult aspect of life for many to accept especially when a child lives for a short time and then leaves a bereaved family to cope with the loss of a loved one and all the expectations for a bright future dashed beyond recovery or redemption.

We all make plans for our futures and in truth, most of us will, for any little jobs to be done and if like me, I spend 95% on planning and 5% on doing because for me preparation is paramount to ensure a positive process and outcome.

Time has a habit of flying by when busy or conversely of weighing heavily on us when we have lost our job and we become lost in the vacuum of space and its wanton child Time!

A recent visitor had just experienced that traumatic event in his life suffering the common symptoms of feeling less than worthy and aching for a new direction in his life. When he came to see us he explained that he felt useless in his own country, but in our house and garden he felt at home, at peace and useful. Not the first, I have to say, who felt the ambience of healing which we have drawn to this house in the hills of rural Spain, where time seems not to have any urgency, length or pressure. In fact, as we say, it does not exist!

There may come a time, hopefully, in the not too distant future when we will begin to realise the powers that lie within us. One of which is to be able to influence the outcome of events around us, call it positive thinking if you like!

On the other hand, however we plan our futures we are often disappointed and I frequently question whether the original intent was on the wrong track for our highest good, when disappointment reigns and if like me, at least initially, we tend to look around for a scapegoat or someone else to blame not having the courage to look in the mirror and recognise the one who should forgive, forget and make a new plan with the lesson in mind from the last mishap.

The older I get the more I realise that much as we get frustrated when things don’t go according to the best laid plans of mice and men it is most often it is our own expectation that is at fault, or is that the real power that lies within?

Researchers can affect the outcome of experimentation by their own expectation and it is my belief that in fact the Measure of Time is Expectation!

With Love, from which all else flows from Hanukah and the Angel


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5 Responses to MEASURE of TIME

  1. They say time is an illusion.. Wonderful thoughts here David.. And all I can add, is that I am making the most of my ME time.. as I try not to measure how quickly it passes me by.

    Hugs Sue ❤


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Yes indeed, David, Time has a habit of flying by when busy or conversely of weighing heavily on us when we have lost our job and we become lost in the vacuum of space and its wanton child Time!
    Time is a human invention to keep us from vagary. By its clock, we know (?) when to eat, when to sleep and when to, eventually, work. Strange power has this Time that does not even exist.

    But then, could we do without it? Would we still have the same continuity in our lives? Is Time an ally or a foe? Who knows it for sure? Not me, for I often confound night for day and I want to eat whenever I am hungry. Am I then outside that Zone called Time, and should I regress speedily to be in touch with Time as I was taught?

    Much Time, much Love and even more Light I wish you and all those who will read your post.



    • David says:

      Thank you dear one, not only do you cross the boundaries of non-existent time but also of post to post. Many thanks, blessings and all Love, David


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