To Charles Kennedy

To Charles Kennedy:
In the many tributes paid to Charles Kennedy recently it is said that together with most politicians he enjoyed a good gossip and I wondered whether it did him justice and if there ever was such a thing as a good gossip?
I am sure there was no malice intent from Charles, so I resurrected an only poem of mine from way back in 1997 which goes like this:
It is the well intentioned wink,
It is the nudge that makes you think:
Did I get that right,
Was that a blight?

You give the benefit of the doubt,
You give the other a way out.
But no. There it is again,
The kind words that hide a dark refrain.

And once it has your ear,
The darkness knows no fear.
It seems there is an urge within,
To tell all, no matter what the sin.

It must be passed on,
It must be commented upon.
And if the story is mundane,
Then add a bit to make it plain.

What is it that makes them so?
Do they have to prove that they are in the know?
Sadly they are an all too common breed,
And seem to need the gossip on which to feed.

I close my ears to their abuse
And only pass on their good news.
In early times Quidnunk was their name.
So, may Quidnunks all, see, hear and speak
only that which is of good refrain.
© David Tenneson – May 1997
© David Tenneson 2015.


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Devonian writer
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One Response to To Charles Kennedy

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Yes, indeed, David: So, may Quidnunc’s all, see, hear and speak only that which is of the good refrain.
    It’s a prayer we should all recite, hoping that we could all sing the good refrain and only that.

    With Love and Light for you and for all who will read your poem.



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