There is a powerhouse that defies description brought to this Planet so many moons ago that itself defies the logic of human understanding and acceptance.

Look around you:
What do you see?
What wonders pervade your waking consciousness, still in existence today after eons of earthquakes, eruptions and floods after so many earth movements that the world we know today bears no resemblance to a time in the remote past when Pangaea ruled the surrounding waves when much of what we see was created?

Taking into consideration that the methods of dating of today are so flawed as to mean nothing! It is another wonder to me that the method of carbon dating is still used when it is so obviously inaccurate and not by a little but by a lot!

Anyone with an ounce of sense would appreciate the age of the Sphinx and Pyramids as being at least 12,000 years as opposed to the establishment dating of, at most 5,000 years old.

When you do look around with vision I hope that you are suitably amazed at the scale of building, the size of materials and the weight of which we are in this age incapable of manoeuvring with the largest crane available even if it could be brought to the relevant sites.

When you see the precision with which massive blocks of many tons have been laid adjacent and fit with their neighbours like a giant’s jigsaw, with no room for a piece of paper between, did it ever occur to you that we, somehow, have missed the point? Or is it just the Great Forgetting, brought on by our massive egos?

When rocks appear to have been melted to fit so close, was there no moment in time in the mind of an archaeologist or geologist to question this fundamental melding and to find out how, with just the power of the sun, that could have been achieved?

I have another question:
Since all was placed on this planet for mankind to use for the benefit of all did no one ever wonder what the rubies, emeralds and diamonds were really meant for apart from embellishing our unique human frames?

Do we really need such trinkets?
Around our fingers and toes, necks, belly buttons, crowns and tiaras?
Is not our Aura enough?
But then I guess most of us would indeed miss the point yet again, not looking with vision as I ask!
And while we are at it where did piercings come from? Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there too, Oh yes, but not anymore, and I did draw the line at Tattoos!

One day I sincerely trust that mankind will find out the true purpose of the many gifts that surround us and pay attention to those who dared to step out of the shadow of established thought and bring us finally into the bright world which we all hope for, pray for and desire when we become One.

I wonder if anyone, whether of scientific persuasion or common thought ever wondered what was used to bring power, heat and light to the peoples of the world in the remote past? By which I mean, shall we say, an average of 70,000 years ago.

We know that it is accepted that there was at least one, but I believe, as I have mooted before, many Arcs of the covenant which were the Powerhouses of the past and as to their contents being the power of the divine presence and therefore not to be looked upon for fear of death!

If it were possible to look at the face of the Logos do you imagine that an all loving being would reduce us to ashes by one glance of such a loving and divine countenance? What if it was something like a nuclear battery, charged by lightning?

However we view the wonders that surround us my own interpretation of humanity, in which every member is unique, is that there is one common denominator which is the Supreme Powerhouse. Common in origin yes, but unique again in Beingness through experience, dedication and the unconditional love of true service.

It may seem small to most but our own inner Powerhouse has the power to blaze a large city on Earth and we wonder again what moves us, what motivates us and urges us forward through our true purpose of life on Earth.

Isn’t it obvious?

Do not confuse Spirit with Soul, for they are definitely not the same thing. Spirit may be the guiding light of consciousness, but without the Soul it would not exist for it is the Powerhouse of the Soul which gives us our ultimate motivation. With Love, from which all else flows from Hanukah and the Angel


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