The cry went up: “What’s happening to us?”
We have all witnessed the lull before the storm when all becomes still and quiet, even with the animals and birds instinct tells them to stay mum to catch the slightest change in the wind or rumble in the distance, lest they should invoke they know not what and be ready to dive for cover!

Or as another said: “With so much turmoil in the mind the question is, is it the storm before the lull?” But no, said the Master, it can only get worse as we enter the final phase of this endeavour, if you let it!

The trouble is that the mental turmoil which we allow to pervade the corridors of consciousness, like an unhappy spirit floating in and out of every thought is the fear that, ‘there is many a slip twixt cup and lip!’ and that our most wanted dream upon whose ethereal cusp we stand is the cliff edge from which we could fall at the final frontier.

Let’s face it, the wind of uncertain change could blow us from our lofty shard of what we considered as hard rock which to us seemed so stable a footing, but in our deepest fear we realise that when dealing with humans whose brief changes in consciousness can play such havoc and cause such catastrophic consequences, that we could find ourselves floundering in the foam of the fierce waves of change and be dashed on the base rocks of misfortune.

As true Lords of Time we have to go back and see what was the sight, the vision we met when gazing out to sea? After all it is said, ‘there is nothing to fear except fear itself’ and these aberrations of the waking consciousness are just that with no real or solid foundation in fact, unlike the so called stable pinnacle of the shard of dreams on which we stood.

So what in fact did we see, discount or ignore as perhaps being too small for our recognition? There were not one but two small orange specks bobbing up and down like corks in the swell of a turbulent sea, but on closer inspection we see that these are not just life boats or coast guard cutters, but at the helm of the first was a slight figure whom we could only compare to the legendary Joan of Arc, who has been acting as our agent since the beginning.

At the other there seemed to be a guiding light which could only be, on reflection as its light shone like a beacon in the mirror of the now calming ocean, our own glorious Angel, almost beckoning in is orientation with its prow pointing away from where we stood and across the sea to another land.

The words floated on the calming breeze that we felt the power of which could send us flying from our perch, but now gave birth to words of comfort explaining that, as most humans see our present endeavour as traumatic through nothing more than their own failure, the time had come to pass the final test of patience, after a four year wait, and to follow our faith to its final conclusion.

All this conveyed in a single sacred breath, that all was in its place, all would take its course to the momentous moment when we would begin our greatest adventure ever.

It had been foretold previously, at the very start of that patient waiting time, that we would see the face of the Lord on the day our great adventure began, with the departure from the house in Spain.

This is not the first house here in Iberia which we have left, where we were called to restore and heal, but now that our mission here in this second house is complete we know that we shall be free to follow our true calling and for sure this is the one.

We have no star to follow, no conjunction of the mighty Planets to put in place or herald our departure, just a glorious guiding light to show us the path which we are destined to follow on this the final leg of our last journey to Planet Earth.

As with all momentous moments there will be splitting and comings together as we depart and take up new residence and a forging of new friendships as we settle into a new community, trusting that we will be able to keep the posts a-coming and that you will not miss us as our aging computers travel in the van to catch up with us eventually when we land.
With Love, from which all else flows from Hanukah and the Angel


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3 Responses to WHAT’S HAPPENING

  1. The next step on your journey of awakening is now on hand my friends, we will miss your departure and look forward to seeing you back online again sometime soon 🙂 Save travels as you set sail to your next earthly destination. With Love Always, Mark.


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