Your Beautiful Body must be in the forefront of your consciousness in the process of knowing yourself, not forgetting your Splendid Spirit, Super Soul and Consummate Counsellor, your strengths and weaknesses on all levels which by their interaction make up this entity, which I know as me and that I Am that.

Each one of those inadequate adjectives above is witness to the deficiencies of human vocabulary whether in English or translated into any other language. To begin even to contemplate something which is, in its entirety, beyond human comprehension including the body, the only part which we enjoy with all of our physical senses and if we are so blessed, spiritual also, through the interface between the two.

But as to its purpose and the reason for any incarnation those too we have to learn, accept and manage to the best of our informed ability, through the gift of the Super Soul – our magnificent consciousness which I call Splendid and which if we are sensible and sensitive will lead us to the higher life in this life.

Does that sound strange, even impossible?

In the process of knowing yourself you will come to realise the absolutely amazing sacrifice which a Soul makes in deciding on not just a life, but to commit to the great forgetting and be the silent witness with little or no control which then depends to a great extent on you, your consciousness and the culture which was decided upon to be the next necessary learning experience.

Not only that but you will become aware of what we can only call the great forgetting or amnesia, both of which are again inadequate to explain the unconditional release which Soul gives to Spirit in any life handing over the reins of life path direction to another level of consciousness suffered willingly by the Soul and impossible with our limited vocabulary and even with the most fertile imagination to understand.

With no rituals or ceremonies involved we are left with pure faith and as Buddha taught, but never said there was a God or that there was no God, he gave us the golden opportunity to exercise our Free-will to decide for ourselves.

Can I say that it is up to you to take or to leave, but as consciousness becomes, in the fullness of time, your feelings and beliefs now will no doubt change in the awareness of becoming.

If this life is the beginning and the unconditional love of life through which experience is gained, what of the end of times?

It is said that every entity at Soul level is aware of its date of passing from this life, when purpose has been served, and the means are legion to witness the many different ways of moving from one state of existence to another and the question arises: How does death affect each element of the entity?

There are only two parts of the collaboration which are eternal, being the twins of Super Soul and Consummate Counsellor leaving the Beautiful Body and Splendid Spirit.

The latter we can perhaps understand to some degree in this computer age when we are familiar with the downloading of apps to phones or PCs. Perhaps more relevant would be the death or failure of a PC when it is desirable to preserve and download the total memory onto another device.

In the case of the Spirit however Splendid it has been, in steering the right course of a life to its true purpose, at the end of a life like the body it is no longer needed and needs to download its entire memory and enhance the complete memory of every life lived by the Super Soul into the vast record of every life lived in our Universe which we call Akasha or the Akashic Record, just like the memory of a new device or remote hard drive.

The Body however Beautiful passes away and the shell is either buried, or my favourite cremated and returned to its constituent elements. What worries most of course is the moment of passing, promoting great fear in the minds of many.

It is a fear of the unknown since we only get one shot at that moment in any life, which of course is not completely true in view of the number of recorded instances of near death experiences! However when the moment comes, as Sirius Black, Harry Potter’s Godfather said: ‘Passing itself is painless’.

I believe that most of us would have misgivings about the lead up time to the moment, the pains, disability or loss of mind affecting the quality of our final years and it is here that I must refer you to my poem on Suicide dated 10.01.15.

With Love, from which all else flows from Hanukah and the Angel


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  1. None of this sounds strange or impossible David.. 🙂 Excellent read.. 🙂


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