Most of us muddle along coping with, rather than living, every moment as if it was our last. We could take a lesson from the very young, who do what they feel they need to do, regardless which brings this vision of the young into stark brilliance. Such happiness, energy and disregard of rules is a joy to behold! Of course, spending time with grandchildren has brought these pictures to me as I write.

Regardless of the kind of responsibilities which tend to tie us down to the mundane in the lives, which let’s face it we make for ourselves, until the day comes when we have to cry help and ask for guidance. Responsibilities sometimes weigh so heavily on us that whether at home, work or in a relationship through love, hate or grief we need assistance.

I do sincerely hope that we all have the courage to ask. So who do we call upon for help?

If we have any sense, I believe that if possible it’s best to keep it in the family, as they say at least to begin with, until all those immediate avenues are exhausted. Who next then? If to do with our health when granny’s old recipe has failed to work, maybe a visit to the doctor is the answer?

It is an old maxim I know but best not to spread your ailments around lest they begin to repeat in your experience. Just keep it to those best suited to help you.

If in a relationship phase perhaps a counsellor could bring some relief and as we shall see Counsellors come in many shapes and sizes. For instance: If you are of a fervent faith you may decide to trust the wisdom of your local Rabbi, Priest, Vicar, Tribal Elder or Shaman.

However when we spoke of family we did not mention the closest of all which is of course yourself! I mean your own inherent wisdom which will often come to your aid when you become used to the access route to unlock you own potential which sadly most of us keep hidden! I guess, through lack of trust?

Need I say that the key to higher wisdom must be through the route of your daily HPT Meditation. By now I hope that I can make a legitimate supposition to presume that you are well on your way to knowing yourself, in which case you will be familiar with the Divine element within which we call Soul and the guiding consciousness named Spirit.

The Soul being the Silent Witness might have few chances to change the pathway chosen by the Spirit, both of which are, shall we say bodily bound, but if we do stray from the straight and narrow which ultimately would give the Soul its desired experience there is one other out-of-body Counsellor which can come to our aid, often completely unseen and unknown to most.

You may suppose that I refer to your so called spiritual guides, masters and angels who watch over us but no, this is still within our broader family, specific to you in the form of shall we say a twin to your Soul often referred to as your Guardian Angel or as I prefer Counsellor. Guarding against who? Ourselves of course!

As we must know the Counsellor is the link to the Divine by any name and can bring much needed guidance when we find ourselves in difficulty especially when we find that difficulty in navigating through our true purpose and pathway in this life on Earth. The thought which immediately brings in us the reaction of: ‘Where did that come from?’ well now you know!

So much is left to the Spirit whose word we imagine through our consciousness is law but believe me when I say that there are avenues which were recognised and available to us all in the ancient past but which through cause of circumstance have been denied.

If only we as a race would open those avenues once again we would have little difficulty in negotiating life. It is so apparent that those operating under the black banners of ‘you know who’ and all their subsidiaries around the world, wherever there is a void they fill with the evil which they cannot get past with all their avenues of guidance blocked by the rhetoric of hate.
Open yourself to your avenues of guidance with Love, from which all else flows from Hanukah and the Angel


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