Let’s start with “I AM”:
It is said that they are the two most powerful words in the English Language.
It is also said that you become what you proclaim:
“I Am healthy”: therefore you become healthy, perhaps eventually if you repeat it for long enough and take precautions from being unhealthy and stop resisting Well-being!
You can see of course that to say, “I Am Tall” when you are short would not work in the physical sense, but spiritually you might feel Tall!

What of other languages?
Would, “Je Suis” have the same power?
Perhaps when enough people became empowered to say, “Je Suis Charlie”
It became a power that galvanised a whole nation or at least a good part of it, that the kind of desecration perpetrated against its citizens of whatever faith will not be tolerated!

Then there is Gratitude:
When you find things to be grateful for every day of your life including your own life perhaps, “I Am Grateful” brings a level of appreciation into your consciousness which was not there before, or shall we say not recognised.

Which brings us to Appreciation:
What do you appreciate?
There must be a thousand things which you like, love and appreciate.
But do you ever really appreciate yourself? Can you in fact appreciate yourself or can you see room for improvement, for becoming a better person?
Of course this indicates a need to understand who you are, what you have become, where you have come from and where you are heading. Does it not?

And Understanding:
Do you understand yourself, what motivates you and what motivates all whom you meet, to say and do what they do? Their path may be so different to yours but even if you do not understand them do you respect their choice of pathway, their faith and way of being?

Respect begins at home, should extend to the classroom and into adult life where we are tested to respect the difficult choices that others have to make in finding their way through the chaos that is life here on Planet Earth. Whoever said life was easy was in cloud cuckoo land!

We were given the gift of Free-will in other words Choice:
We have to make a hundred or so choices every day, but we should avoid judgement. By the same token no one is empowered to judge you and yet in a multitude of ways we are judged and we make judgements all the time and if something doesn’t fit with us we tend to complain or to sue!

We complain all the time too from it being too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry and not just about the weather, but for all manner of mediocrity which we judge and find lacking in some way from the local restaurant to the government and the way our neighbour acts. What we should realise is that all of these special words produce equal feelings so we should understand their true meaning. Complaining only brings more of the same when you get stuck in the rut of complaint.

I believe that the feeling of possible Lack has led us along the slippery slope to eating and drinking too much. Just in case there is not enough to go round or we can’t afford it we make a conscious decision, keep on eating in case there is none tomorrow, and suffer the health consequences in both the short and long term.

So where is our conscience in all of this?
The inbuilt wisdom which tells us what is the right thing to do and what to avoid.
I’m not talking about Consciousness, but those indelible words engraved on all of our hearts no matter what language, but in a form for us all to understand which in any circumstance tells us right from wrong.

Some would call them their Ten Commandments:
Which vary in wording according to the culture into which we were born.
How about you and your conscience?
With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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