Have you ever been to the deep dark wood?
Where everything seems like if, might or would?
Regrets of the past, fears for the future
All combine in a black cauldron mixture.

Maze of the mind in shadow and darkness
Thoughts follow blindly lost in the harness
Of un-knowing, only darkens the dark
Shiver and tremble as fear leaves its mark.

How to draw back from the brink of despair,
How to remember an action so fair?
Seems lost in the pit, the herald of death
The effort must leave you gasping for breath.

As hanging creepers they brush past your face
The willows are weeping, losing the race
Once king of the forest now blasted oak
The sweat of your fear in which you must soak.

To coppice the copse lets in the daylight
And new growth begins away from the dark night
Remembering who and what you’ve become
Cut back old fears of the past, you are One.

Healing the past is salve of the present
Forgiveness of self, star and the crescent
Bringing light of silver, Aura of brightness
Illumines the path of your consciousness.

The moment has come, you know it is now
Forgive all your doubts, all is well at the prow
Leading you up from the mind bending mood
You are safe in the heart of the Greenwood!
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to DEEP DARK WOOD

  1. Wonderful Poetry David..

    “Remembering who and what you’ve become
    Cut back old fears of the past, you are One.”

    Loved those lines.. 🙂


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