This old house has had some owners that have loved it, added to it, broken it and abused it! But it’s a house, you may say, and owned by humans what else did you expect?

Most of us treasure our homes and try to make them as comfortable as possible, keep them clean and in this age decorated as bland as possible in case of a desire to move on with furnishings making the personal statement through colour and design.

It is true that we as a race are so diverse, is it therefore any wonder that we have so many different opinions as to how to live, where to live and what to live in? You only have to look at any city to see where 50% of us now live to understand the diversity of habitats, from high rise penthouses side by side with slum dwellings.

The same goes for our appreciation of a pathway which we are convinced will lead us to the Divine and it is the greatest shame on mankind that with all our obvious differences we cannot appreciate the need for multiple pathways to the Logos with different houses of God and to respect each other’s choices.

What could possibly be the point of attacking a Synagogue, a Christian Church or a Mosque which after all are only meeting places and not exactly the houses of God, since God exists within each one of us. To attack a building is not to attack a faith and even if followers are killed the idea of that faith lives on.

It is a source of concern at the cost of the upkeep of Old Houses called temples, palaces and cathedrals dedicated to a particular religion or its leaders, when such wealth could in my view be better spent caring for those who need the compassion of saints and sinners alike to provide for their immediate and desperate needs.

The major religions would all affirm the need for charitable donations, but when the Catholic Church declared recently that it had found millions that it did not know it had, it only amplified the need for qualified technocrats to manage their affairs instead of personalities in pretty frocks full of their own importance. Then perhaps, do you think there could be a fair distribution of wealth to include those most in need? So do they have hidden vaults like Gringotts in Harry Potter?

Cultures, which vary tremendously across the globe, often determine how we should live with tribal influences and the hierarchies in power deciding for us, but luckily there are countries in this world where there is an element of freedom of choice of house to allow us to choose old or new.

Have you ever thought where those influences come from in our choice of a place to live?

Twice now in the last ten years we have been led to choose places to live which required some upgrading in the physical sense. But unbeknown to us at the time and only learnt when we had been there some time, and found out the buildings true history, did we learn of the need for spiritual as well as the physical upgrading and with a little help from our friends we were able in both cases to leave them clean and clear for new owners.

I had carried out clearances of houses in the past but not in the ones I could call home, so these recent experiences were a revelation!

We are all different and things can be going on in places right next door where folks appear affable, kind and generous only for us to learn of horrendous kidnapping and keeping people locked away in basements and subject to abuses of all kinds under our very noses.

You know, the stones of buildings hold energies of the past. Every thought and every action emits a vibration which can be read by those who minister to us in Spirit and also be held in the very bricks and mortar of buildings.

The only remedy for local authorities, to remove stories of horrors from the minds of the public or the danger of making places into shrines for people of like mind is demolition old houses. We build and we demolish because we know of no other way!

Did it ever enter your mind to question why some chose an old place to live while others want brand new! Could it be that some of us have been here before especially to those places over thirty years old?

It begs a further question:
Do you really know yourself, where you’ve come from and where you are going?
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to THIS OLD HOUSE

  1. Excellent thoughts David. and I am sure there are still hidden vaults with massed wealth .. And it makes me smile ironically how rich the church’s are.. While many in their congregations of all nominations scrape a living together!..
    I came to the conclusion many moons ago that there is only one temple and its housed within.. When we learn to honour, respect and love ourselves and treat all others as we would wish to be treated, I think all else as you rightly say will then flow in love..
    Love is the key to any mansion we wish to enter.. And depending upon our hearts I am sure we will soon discover which room holds our name on it.. 🙂

    Love and Blessings dear David…


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