Let’s talk about Windows.
There are countries in which for various reasons doors are small and windows almost nonexistent! Some of us are content as with the first old houses we looked at here in Spain, which might not even have glass but have roller blinds on the outside or just a shutter on the inside of thick stone walls to keep out the wind, the cold and hopefully the rain too!

Currently we enjoy all three and when the rain or the sun are too strong the blinds come down and the shutters on the inside act like secondary glazing, but of course let in no light.

Many, in this age, prefer the big double glazed picture windows especially with a beautiful garden or view of the countryside.

Do these two contrary ideas ring any bells with you, perhaps in another realm of understanding?

In the age of the Internet we have Microsoft Windows opening by our free will selection into millions of different sites, communication possibilities and sources of information. Does that kind of choice remind you of anything?

You may be aware of the Windows of consciousness which allow us through our gift of Free-will to open or close. From the moment in time when the God Gene gift of consciousness gave us the possibility to understand our close connection with the Source or the Logos and also the possibility to close our shutters on our Windows and to deny our connection to the Logos.

We all, of whatever ethnic origin, class or faith have the close connection which can be likened to a telephone line which is always open unless we ourselves decide to hang up! Unfortunately most of us have been brainwashed into believing that we common folk are not allowed to connect to the Logos and only those in positions of ecclesiastical power have that right.

Since the earliest times mankind decided to go along with this disastrous decision and we have all cut ourselves off from the many Windows of energy, information and wisdom which are ours by right of being part of the Divine Logos, through our Soul.

The consequence of that decision was to suffer a form of spiritual amnesia and to forget the very existence of those in the realm of the Spirit including our Guides, Guardian Angels aka Counsellors and indeed that very close connection with our Source, the Logos. We all hung up!

However there are occasions when through a relaxation of the consciousness we allow our Windows to open just a crack and connect with what is variously termed as the Universal Consciousness or the Akashic Record which as you may remember is like a second sky equally transparent, but carries the answers to every conundrum posed to mankind, individually or en masse.

Of course to the believing public of whatever faith this merely evokes, ‘Where did that come from?’ and to the atheist a moment of sheer embarrassment and an immediate closing of the shutters to their Windows to maintain an attitude of unknowing denial of the Logos, but to say how brilliant they are to have come up with an answer.

When folks talk about the need for science to come close to religion and for religion to accept that even science comes from the Divine, I believe that if both could accept the existence of the Akashic Record the light would blend from their jointly opened Windows to let in the brilliance of Divine Wisdom.

Sadly it seems to me that all religions are stuck in the past and have no intention of becoming anything different to meet the needs of their followers in this current age, whereas at least the Scientists are, albeit unconsciously, in a state of becoming. So there is hope!

Individually there are times when we unconsciously connect with the Akashic Record as in the, ‘Where did that come from?’ moment, but we can also purposefully connect with a specific purpose in mind.

If anyone has ever had the courage to step across the threshold of a spiritualist church and enjoy one of their uplifting services you will have seen the connection with the Akashic Record in action from the Medium, through their Guide or Guides directly to the Akashic Record bringing personal information for a member of the audience. All Windows open!

Of course you don’t need that scenario all you need is to accept the possibility and to open your Windows!
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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  1. Loved this post David.. but then you knew I would 🙂 😀


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