It seems that the one lesson of history that mankind is loathe to learn is the lesson of history!

I was rubbish at geography and history at school, having sadly to give up those lessons in the third form, with the then current fashion to specialise, but there are certain things which stand out and remind me constantly of the need to use what common sense I can muster and to tune in to my inherent wisdom within and if in doubt not afraid to ask for help!

In particular of course I refer to history and the lessons that we, mankind in general, have refused to learn: When Malaria continues to plague us, HIV devolves into full blown Aids and Ebola proves a stretch to the WHO and other NGO organisations to manage against the backdrop of ignorance and superstition.
Or is it that we have to wait for Big Pharma to develop a vaccine or pill with enough poisonous side effects to kill an army?

Even someone as bad at history as me must be able to look back through the historical record to find evidence of those catastrophes that have literally plagued us in the past.

We are so willing to blame others for our predicament which to my mind is commonly self-inflicted in various ways, but mostly by living in insanitary ways. Take for instance the Black Plague which decimated the populations of Europe and has been blamed on the Black Rat and its parasites.

A more careful look at the history book will tell us that the fashion of the time was to live closely together, cheek by jowl, whether for protection or social concerns is unclear, but inevitably we created the ideal breeding ground for bugs.

Bugs have always been with us in fact since before we became who we are today! So, all that has happened is that we have lived badly and then weakened ourselves by insisting on warming our homes when it was cold and cooling them when it became warm.

Not to mention in recent times of insisting on our benevolent doctors to prescribe largely unnecessary antibiotics instead of letting us build our own immunities.

We only have to look at the way the uneducated people of West Africa were living in conditions which gave the ideal breeding grounds for all manner of bugs to proliferate to learn a forgotten lesson, but then wonder why Ebola went out of control.

When I was in India I went down with Delhi Belly and was out of it for best part of a week. We managed to get into a small hotel and it was only when I was getting better that I had the strength and the will to look beyond the hotel room to realise that there was no sanitation and that the bathroom effluent ran directly into a running sewer outside the window, and I thought it was me!

Wherever we look there is evidence of human weakness often fuelled by greed not to provide adequate facilities to ensure a healthy environment for us all to live in safety.

When we visit the pretty places in the UK such as Chester, London or Stratford we find those beautiful Tudor buildings with their overhanging upper floors so enchanting.

But had we been around at the time we would have known that the overhang was to protect the ladies walking by from the contents of chamber pots being thrown from bedroom windows making a running sewer down the central gutter of the cobbled street. It is no wonder they all held sweet smelling posies in their handkerchiefs to their noses due to the effluvia of human effluent!

We can all be guilty of individual self inflicted dis-ease due to the power of the subconscious reaction to conditions which we find unbearable, frightening or painful from childhood into adulthood, but when such conditions are inflicted upon us en masse there is little we can do to protect ourselves except to move away which is rarely possible, especially in poorer communities!

Bugs do what bugs are meant to do they are not evil, neither do they have a conscious will to harm us, but we should be cognisant of their presence and be aware that when we provide the right conditions they will do what they do and multiply until they affect us adversely.

Bugs like cancers, bacterias, and viruses have been around forever and I wonder when we will learn that Big Pharma is not the answer, we are the answer!
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel
Have a happy, healthy weekend.


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  1. eugene1492 says:

    Very right, David, ” Big Pharma is not the answer, we are the answer!” and we should start to learn it before it’s too late to give any answer.
    Thanks for reminding us WE are the answer to many things on this little “blue” (for how long still?) planet.
    With love and much light to all of us.


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