Let’s face it many of us have a weight opportunity!
In many countries of the world the food on offer really is not the best for us. The trouble is that we are so busy, with both partners having to work and children when they come along adding to the time element, that most of us don’t have time to scrutinise the ingredients of factory made meals and don’t have time to cook from scratch at home.

What do you feel when you follow a new diet trying to be as healthy as possible! Do you feel OK with what is recommended, or if it doesn’t seem to work, do you blame the dietician, the group you’ve joined of like suffering big people or worst of all do you blame yourself?

Apart from the many super stars from all walks of life and so called qualified dieticians all putting their particular dietary fads into print, there have been a veritable deluge of diets recommended by such eminent beings as the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce in the 40 ‘s and Sai Baba in the 90 ‘s that you may begin to wonder why their diets don’t work for you either.

Well, Ed was in the US and Baba was in India, we are all certainly out of their timelines and where are you relative to them in the world? Is it any wonder that what they proposed does not work for you now?

Food is not the same now as it was then even if you discount the genetically modified crops and grow your own at home which may be the best option for you anyway, but have you got time for that?

If you are like me you only have to look at a cake or a packet of biscuits and the weight seems to pile on from nowhere! So, yes, I’ve tried a few diets and I have to admit that the only one that had a chance of success was the anti arthritis diet written by a family doctor.

When viewed by a professional the remark was: Well if you go on that diet it would cure you of anything! I wondered why we were not all on it and as happy and healthy as sand boys, admittedly I lost weight, but in photos of me at my daughter’s wedding I look like a bag of bones, and the arthritis? Well it was never that bad and never went completely so I decided to be happy and resorted to the only formula which I can recommend with confidence.

Having come to the conclusion that most of the diets out there are fine for those who composed them, to assume that they will also suit the rest of us is a great presumption when you know that we are all unique!

So my advice, resorting to one of my pet themes, is to know yourself. You need to pay close attention to your own body to whatever you eat and drink, changing on a daily basis if necessary.

Did you imagine that your body stayed the same despite the fact that your Mind, Consciousness and Spirit were all in the evolutionary state of becoming which can change minute by minute, never mind day by day?

You are your own best judge, only you know exactly how you feel and how every morsel of food and drink affects your body. You see, judgement in my book is a bad pastime and one which I believe none of us are empowered to undertake despite any elaborate wigs or gowns worn to give us authority to do so.

The only exception is your own judgement of yourself!

In the process of knowing ourselves we need to be our own detectives amassing our own evidence of the feelings of which only we are aware to show exactly how we react to any intake. We need constantly to monitor the actions, reactions and consequent feelings prompted by our progress on the path of purpose, looking with a magnifying glass at every aspect of our personality, our relaxation, irritability or placid nature in the evolution of our becoming.

In fact you need to look back as far as you can remember up to the present on a daily basis to determine what is the best diet for you?
So what IS the best for you? Well, my friends only you can answer that all important question!

Others can only suggest according to their own experience, but only you will know on a daily basis how you really are. I would not presume even to make suggestions as to your intake for in truth it is more important to see what comes out of you than what goes in!

Which may seem strange and at the same time rather unpleasant, but of course it also includes what comes out of your mind and out of your mouth, from your hands and from your heart. Do you get the message?

Let me be plain: How can you be your usual loving compassionate self when you are bloated with a screaming guts ache? When that same gut, which is the seat of your immune system does not function properly on a daily basis, to put it plainly?
Only you know this and only you can find out why and put your system to rights!

I sincerely hope you get the message that the best diet for you is the one you manage for yourself! Be happy, be healthy and diet if you must or just eat and drink enough of what you know is right for you to live and not to overfill your belly!

For like it or not if you ignore this advice you are only storing up problems, and immense opportunities to change, for yourself in the long term the National Health Service and the Government in both the long and short term.

Let me say an overloaded NHS, so you will have to wait longer to get treated for something you could have avoided, and you will have to pay more in taxes to fund the expansion of the NHS in order for it to cope. Is it worth it?

Small is beautiful, and that goes for portion size as well!
Less is more!
You are Unique!
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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3 Responses to THE BEST DIET

  1. I recently changed my diet David.. not that it was unhealthy.. far from it.. but I cut out bread.. And have taken to eating more raw veggies And making green smoothies for breakfast… and more seeds and nuts.. I have to say I feel more energised … Love and Blessings David.. x


    • David says:

      Been the raw route but doesn’t suit us both and tried juicing for a while but gave up and reverted to a mainly vegetarian with small amounts of meat and fish. Semms to suit us both but we vary it as we see fit! 🙂 😀


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    How could we not agree with you when you tell us: ” Yes, we got the message that the best diet for us is the one we manage for ourselves! We will try to be happy, be healthy and diet if we must or just eat and drink enough of what we know is right for us to live and not to overfill our belly!”

    Thank you, David. I send light and many blessings to you and to all those who will read your post.

    With love,



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