I wrote a poem recently entitled Senior Secrets but having read it again (I never remember what I have written, I just let it go!) I realised that the error we all fall into is to imagine that seniority relies on age or a number of years, and it is appropriate that I should take this title today since it’s my birthday!

You know the old saying, ‘She has an old head on young shoulders’, or ‘This one is an old Soul’?

You see, our inherent wisdom within is there for us to recognise and to use or not, using our Free-will to accept or deny. In the poem there are phases that would lead you to believe that so much relies on age, but of course this is a fallacy.

Certainly with the constraints placed upon us in this technological world to find a job, to progress through a career path and provide for our families being the prime mover throughout our formative, learning and growing years, there is little time left after being a mum or dad for any concentration on the inner aspects of life unless we have been brought up to do that as a matter of course.

So I hope you can see that age has little to do with those inner, spiritual aspects which can be approached at any time anywhere, in the bus or train on the way to work or flying off on holiday or to distant destinations as part of a busy intercontinental working lifestyle. Of course I am talking about the process of mental agility followed perhaps by a period of meditation?

Our family has always challenged the medical profession and I am no different in that respect, but I can say that age has never been a concern for me and if the gene line is followed I can look forward to more than the Biblical term of three score years and ten, which come to think of it, I passed a while back and I might even surpass my ancestors and reach the Century. Now there’s a thought!

It is a known fact now, which physicists accept, that the expectation of researchers can influence the outcome of experimentation and certainly if we expect to get old and aching with advancing years, perhaps even following in mum or dads ailing and faltering footsteps we actually do influence our bodies response to the master consciousness of the mind and whether you believe it or not mind over matter does have an effect dependant on the way you think!

You must know that whatever thought you think has a unique vibration all of its own, overlaid with your own particular personal frequency, by which we are recognised by those who watch over us. The words of the song say ‘God is watching us’, which gives the impression of Big Brother, but this is not strictly true since we are watched over! See the subtle difference? And helped as much as is possible within the boundaries of our Free-will!

However much is left to you and your own expectation (vibration) of concentrating on a condition say that you most fear which has plagued your family over the years can indeed affect you too. But as always we have to say don’t do that! Only think about the way you want to be in a mind and body of Well-being! After all you are not your ancestors, immediate or from the past, you are uniquely you!

Of course it is not just a question of thinking nice thoughts about your future health, but as with any mental activity you need to take action as well, and the kind of action I mean is to exercise both the mind and the body.

There is no doubt that the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease is a debilitating condition that is as bad or worse for the carers as it is for the sufferers and due to its nature of the atrophy of the connections within the brain itself there can be little hope for a cure, but there is every hope for prevention.

It brings to mind those folks who have no outside interest or hobby than work and when retirement comes along, having left all of the home-work to their partner there is nothing for them to think about any more and they are left in a void which can only lead to the dreaded downfall of the brain.

Dis-ease in brain and body is something which we should all be aware of and ensure that we take every precaution to avoid. You know the simplest walk in the woods trying to remember the names of every tree and plant, in English first and then perhaps in another language ( Latin perhaps?) does it all in one simple stroll!

Remember if you do cheat you only cheat yourself and the consequences can be dreadful!

You see age can be fun and if you walk with a friend and not just the dog you can make it into a competition which is even better exercise of the mind than just being on your own, because you know how easy it is to cheat on your own, but impossible in competition with a fun partner?

It doesn’t have to be your full time partner, if you are lucky enough not to be left alone, it could be someone you met in the pub and struck up a friendship or someone you met in the woods also with a dog, and as your canine friends got on well so can you. Make it a regular date of mental and physical exercise and don’t set the bar too high but not too easy either just make it a joyful exercise for all concerned!

Recall also that a canine friend can be the greatest stress reliever too. I’ve had great experience of both cats and dogs, though cats are not much good at walkies although our Siamese follows me everywhere in the garden and sits at the end of the drive when I go walkies and makes a great vocal fuss when I get back, putting his mark all over me!

Have fun with Love, from which all else flows, whatever age you are with Hanukah & the Angel.


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6 Responses to AGE

  1. I hope you had an enjoyable Birthday David.. Age.. is as young as you feel.. and to be honest I found the adjustment to retirement not easy… Being told by my hubby its ok not to do anything if i do not want LOL.. When I was used to dashing around.. took some adjusting to.. Its been 8 months and I think I am just about getting the hang of pleasing myself!!…

    Lovely article David… thank you Sue


  2. soulspeak2013 says:

    Great sharing and happy birthday….the world changed the moment you were born to this world…beautifully…Namaste’


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