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There are many occasions when we have flashes of wisdom and say, ‘Where did that come from?’ Mini big bangs if you like and as we progress through finding our true purpose, this time round, there will be more and more and if not for us this time the Big Bang of the Consciousness is something to look forward to for future generations!

Although, truth be told, I am aware of many in the past who found themselves in that exact state of consciousness and tried their hardest to encourage others onto the same path of awareness, acceptance and wisdom, with limited success.

However, signs and symbols are in plain sight for instance in the US of A for all to see, but perhaps not for all to understand. Those signs were included in the very fabric of the most important buildings at the centre of government and have been attributed to the early founding fathers who were unashamedly members of the Masonic Lodges whose symbols were incorporated into the architectural designs from the beginning.

I believe that the influence goes back even further than the relatively recent corridors of power by the forerunners of the Masons in the Templar Knights who emigrated from Europe under persecution by the then Pope and King Philipe of France.

Many have queried how Templars could have crossed the ocean predating the voyage of Columbus in 1492 by 200 years but even in those far off times many were imbued with a form of bodily magnetism which enabled them to navigate unerringly over great distances knowing inherently which way to go much as animals and birds do today and also to be able to fabricate great structures using stone monoliths by that same magnetic power to lift, but which power most of us have denied and therefore lost!

With that in mind consider for a moment the Hooked X left by the Templars carved in massive rocks in the US. It represents two things: First it is an invitation, just as we have seen in modern times the graffiti sign, ‘Killroy was here’ the X was saying ‘The Templars were here come join us’.

Secondly when you look at the X itself you notice a hook on the top right leg of the X. It allows mankind to come together from all directions and to move to the North and to the Right. Once past the hook there is no chance of return.

Of course it looks immediately as if it is a physical road map but in fact it is the second part of the invitation where the coming together is not in the physical sense but in the blending of beliefs and we now understand that the meaning of Ascension is in fact to ascend in Consciousness.

Once that has happened it echoes the understanding that ever since the receipt of the God Gene where humans can no longer revert to animal form, in other words there is no such thing as metempsychosis or transmigration of Souls, and in the case of the blending of beliefs once that happens we are in a word ‘hooked’ and there is no return!

It is impossible therefore to slip back, even in error, to anything other than the faith of One. As far as the human mind is concerned the blending will appear in the consciousness as a Knowing or Gnosis and an appreciation of the Kingdom of the Divine here on Earth. Which in truth has been here all along as Jeshua ben Joseph or Jesus told us all that time ago.

Whether we like to admit it or not, with all the contrary publicity about big brother watching us, we are not exactly watched, but one of the major Masonic symbols which has reappeared already in Crop Circles is the Pyramid with the All Seeing Eye in the beam of light at its apex.

This does not imply that we are watched but that we are watched over, a subtle difference! This applies to us all of whatever faith, but with our gift of Free-will we can accept it or deny it. ‘Watched over by whom?’, you may ask and we are not talking extraterrestrial aliens, but it is my belief that we are watched over by the One and only Divine being.

On a visit to Glastonbury to attend the Crop Circle Conference in 2002 I spent the Friday viewing the most recent Crop Circles with 15 other Croppies. We stopped at Avebury for lunch.

On returning to the bus the doctor, my fellow passenger, presented me with a postcard she had bought in the village of the CC that appeared in East Field, Wiltshire on 20th June 2001, which I had not seen before, showing a pyramid with a radiating ball of light behind it!

Very similar to what I had been given by the two communicators in the Ribbon Circle that same day. After lunch we moved on to the next CC and where was it located? East Field! What a coincidence? Is there such a thing as coincidence? Or is everything a wonderful piece of synchronicity?

I wrote at the time: The CC this year can be viewed as a Tree or reversed as a Man. There is more synchronicity here as it is a direct reflection of a poem I wrote in April 1997 entitled Omanak that compares man to an Oak tree:

Plunged into darkness the Divine Plan is awakened.
In the warm, moist, darkness of the womb of Earth an acorn sends out its first root tendrils searching and exploring for food and water.
Further into darkness, further into earth.
The urge to fulfill its inner potential: the oak tree within.
The first feeble stem with twin leaflets breaks through the surface of the earth and into light, into the blazing, life giving light of the sun.
It seeks the light.
Its growth is slow, a little at a time, it grows in strength, it puts out more leaves, it develops branches, it experiences every season, every year of its life.
And it remembers.
It produces seed each year and has the potential to reincarnate itself many times.
It develops the wisdom of ages.
It grows into a symbol of strength, it lives for many, many years and has within itself the power to heal.
Giving of itself to others in a life of total service:
Keeping its feet firmly anchored to the earth and its head in the clouds ever reaching upwards into light.
It aspires to the heaven world.
But what or who is this we speak of, does this not ring a bell of remembrance?
For is not the seed of man plunged into the womb of darkness upon the Earth, and when partly developed bursts forth into the light of the sun?
To live life anchored to earth with aspiration to the light.
Is this not the way?
The development of wisdom through experience, the opportunity to return and the inherent potential within to heal.
Is this not the truth?
A life of true experience living each day in the cosmic moment, in the now, the way the oak tree knows how.
Is this not the life?
What lesson then can man learn from the oak?
It is that man is part of the whole, not just the oak, for it is said:
“we cannot pluck a flower without the disturbing of a distant star.”
Can you see man in oak?
When you see man in all things,
this is the way,
the truth,
and the life.
* * * 19 April 97 * * *
© David Tenneson 2015.

With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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