It’s not as if no one’s been here before
But they never tell you what to expect!
After a good night’s sleep you wake tired,
You’ve had dreams, some good and some not so good.
So what’s the problem?

Dreams, good or bad, are yours and no one else’s
They only play out what’s happened that day
Or give you a warning of what to expect,
Trouble is it’s all in a different form!
Don’t like forms. How about you?

Warning would be too difficult, wouldn’t it?
You see we’re all different, unique in fact,
So how could they say without a panic.
No! You’re good like parenthood it’s all new.
Difficult, but no Secret!

Was it when you turned over something felt odd?
Or the weight of one hand on the other
Felt like a ton weight and both began to ache?
Or was it that strange pillow, felt lumpy last night?
Was that the problem?

Pity we only feel tired after sleep
If we could only just keep on moving!
Just to sit and watch the evening news
Feels like I have been glued to hard church pews!
Like the cat, I need a good stretch!

Never mind that, come on now, up you get!
Things to do, people to see, dog to walk.
He’s the only thing that keeps me mobile.
Speaking of which, can’t get used to that thing!
Is that the problem?

No not really, guess I’ll get used to it soon
Though it drives me often to bay at the moon
Must be my totem ancient wolf with me!
Active mind and body must be the answer!
That’s no Secret, common sense!

Used to be able to work all day and night
Not any more though, strength has taken flight
I’m not sick, touch of this and that, you know?
Is it ‘cos I’m impatient with myself?
Is that the Secret?

They say forgiveness is the start of healing
But the one we forget to forgive is us.
No matter what accident or emergency
Or how crabby we got, we need to forgive.
That’s one Secret I can live with!

Maybe just a case of taking the tablets,
I’ll soon sound like an old Shaman’s rattle!
I don’t like taking them and that’s a fact
But if I forget, well we won’t go into that!
Surely that can’t be it?

They say that no matter what you believe
It’s no good without exercise and action.
Prayer’s all very well, but it’s a conversation,
You have to play your part and take action!
Part of the Secret?

Found it! The rest of that elusive code,
It’s all about recognition, allowing …
Seeing the Divine within, accepting it …
That’s it, the rest just simply fades away!
Have you found your secret yet?
© David Tenneson 2015.


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7 Responses to SENIOR SECRETS

  1. What a gem of a poem David.. How many times do we plump up those pillows.. And wake feeling like we have done a days work in our dreams.. I think at times that is what I do.. 🙂 but then you see I am a ‘Dreamwalker’ LOL..
    🙂 :-D… really enjoyed this David.. thank you. Sleep well 🙂 and wake refreshed x Hugs Sue


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you so much, David, for this poem full of “secrets”. I can only say that I follow you on your way to discovery. It’s our “Camino” and one day at a time we will get there. There being our “Santiago de Compostela”. We surely will for there is no other way.

    You know I like to quote you and copy your own words (whom better than yourself can express your thoughts?), so here we go:
    “Found it! The rest of that elusive code, It’s all about recognition, allowing …
    Seeing the Divine within, accepting it … That’s it, the rest just simply fades away!
    Have you found your secret yet?”

    Yes, I think I have. Thank you.

    Much light and love, and many blessings, to you, dear David, and to all those who will read this beautiful poem.


  3. My Raphael's Legacy says:

    I love the great depth of inner explorations and innate consternations that are seamlessly entwined within this post. And all amidst a little sprinkle of satire and of course your own unique and unquestionable understandings. As ever; great piece of work and eloquent self expression David, oozing enquiry, inner knowing and above all things self-acceptance, sincere regards, Barry


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