It is more important to concentrate on where you want to be than to fret about being where are and do not want to be, the same as concentrating on what you want and not on what you don’t want! You surely don’t want more of what you don’t want, do you? So don’t do that.

The mistake that many make is to expend their energies on controlling others because they believe that this will put them in the place they want to be, but in fact this will only attract others for them to control and the control will become harder and harder as time goes on and more appear who frankly do not want to be controlled to the point where resentment and resistance sets in.

Can you see that those who imagine that control is the answer to their problems are just making rods for their own backs?

It has been the most difficult aspect of religion to confront in this day and age where the control of followers in the past by setting rigid boundaries on every aspect of life from how to pray, when to pray, which way to face as if God, Allah or the Logos is in one particular place!

The majority are brain washed into conforming from an early age and dare not kick against the traces for fear of damnation and descent into hell. Or in certain circumstances threats of death. Which is worse?
Whichever, control at its height!

But when those with enquiring minds resent the do’s and don’ts and look for something beyond religion, which most would simply call spirituality see the fences, guidelines and boundaries falling away leaving a clear bright pathway to the Divine, which has been given many names by many seekers of truth over the centuries, which they soon learn has no consequence whatsoever as they discover and accept the all pervading Presence!

Of course there are always those who will try to entice followers from the other extreme by appealing to their baser instincts, where control takes on the image of a black flag and the kind of atrocities that appal the rest of humanity no matter which faith they follow.

What must their feelings be when they discover that their best of intentions are not subject to their own Free-will any more, when they find they cannot leave such a liaison or themselves be killed in the attempt.

When we realise that there never was a list made out by the hand of God engraved in stone of the does and don’ts of Christian life, or that any writings are divinely inspired, but down to our own uncertain human visions and inspirations, we begin to feel within ourselves an inherent wisdom which brings a new way of perceiving life as a human being on Earth.

The only control worthy of consideration is the control of yourself and the only way that that can happen effectively is to know yourself completely!

Your Inner wisdom tells you that it is wrong to kill for the sake of killing, it is wrong to kill each other, it is wrong to kill more than you need to feed yourself and your family, in fact killing for the sake of it is against the natural instinct, never mind wisdom, of us all since way before the sub-humans received the God Gene in our animal state.

Take a look at how animals behave! Our indigenous brothers and sisters from across the globe have learnt much from the animal kingdom. We on the other hand in our sophisticated dwellings and communities have to rely on books which we never read anymore.

Our brothers and sisters remember by rote of repeated recitation of stories and songs, said and sung often throughout the years so that the wisdom of the tribes is carried on from generation to generation, treating the whole earth as holy ground.
Now that’s the kind of control I admire!

While the rest of us dig it up, befoul it and pollute it with plastic and every man made un-degradable rubbish imaginable in the air, the rivers, oceans and the earth itself. This I believe is the control from which many of us gladly suffer whose origin comes under the name of greed! Did you ever try doing without?

And those who perpetrate the foul deeds of killing our planet we, the silent majority, let them get away with it because how else would be able to drive our car, heat our house or buy a plastic bottle of Coca-Cola?

Our once beautiful Planet meantime is a depleted shell of its former self. Is it any wonder that we spend so much on searching the stars for another planet just like Earth?

If you really believe that one such world in a Goldilocks Zone will indeed be found, good luck to you! I for one do not, since each Planet in each star system is unique with its own individual evolution and if you think one will be found in the same state and conditions as Earth for us to repopulate you can write your own fairy story!

Better by far to control our desires and spend our defence budgets on healing Planet Earth. Wouldn’t you agree?
With Love, from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel, controlling for peace.


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9 Responses to CONTROL

  1. eugene1492 says:

    This will be a comment to Sue. Wonder if she will read it, but I had to share some of my own feelings on what control is, and what it should not be.
    I do appreciate what David tells us and I see, Sue, that you agree with him all the way.
    I also read that you enjoy the quality time you dedicate to YOUR grandchildren, and I am glad for you that you can do that.

    Now, I am getting old and LIFE has taken away my own children, so no, there won’t be any grandchildren to take care off. Do I feel sorry for myself? In a word, YES!
    Too often, I hear people denying me the possibility to give advice on how to raise and/or treat children. Their harsh comment is:”How can YOU know? You don’t have children?”.

    May I tell that, although I was raised in the Catholic Faith, I have never “believed” the fairy tales the priests and the nuns tried to make me swallow. My Faith is in G.od, not in those who say the represent Him on this Planet. Yes, I have been controlled more than I cared for. Yes, I had to show where I got my strange “ideas” from. In what books did I find what I dared speak as my Truth.

    Control without the explanation of why one is controlled is senseless. Through the many experiences, my years have permitted to gather, I have understood that we are the Human race. The colour of our skin, our height or whether our hair is curly or straight, have no importance what so ever. Feeling Love and Duty towards our fellowmen or Nature as a whole, that’s what is of significance and it bears heavy consequences.

    Yes, David is right, when he says that we should gather positive energy and think only of the place we want to be and discard any negative thought about where we are but don’t want to be.
    I can’t agree more, except that one has to get out of where one does not want to be FIRST so that one can concentrate all efforts to get where one really wants to be.
    Does that make sense? I think it does, Sue! For nearly 4 years now, David and I have tried to go and be where we believe our life mission lies.
    Relentlessly, we were told that we were not positive enough regarding THE destination. We were told we were still attached to our “House of Peace” and that this was the reason why!!!

    I can assure you and everyone that I, at least I, have never been so keen on moving where I am supposed to be. Leaving Spain and this house has become an incessant thought. We have done all we think we can do to realise what is our dream and also sometimes our nightmare.

    Yes, Sue, there are so many more reasons beyond our control that impede the move. That’s why when someone tells me about the “Law of Attraction”, it upsets me. No, that Law does not exist.
    Yes, we might look for friends who think like us and that’s where the attraction plays its role.
    It’s not because I want to eat a Pineapple that I will find one in the streets of our Village, and although I would have found one, he or she who owns the Pineapple might be reluctant to give it to me IF I don’t have the money to pay for it. That’s how simple it is. Don’t you agree?

    May the Lord bless us all and give us enough Light to make Darkness a bit clearer.
    Love to you and to all who will read my comment.


    • David says:

      Dear Eugene, I’ve always known that you are brave and again this shows in you opening your heart in this way. We will get there when the Moment arrives for our sale to happen. Love David


  2. Yes I would be in full agreement with you here David.. Most is the result of Greed.. and we as the consumers have more control than we think. For if we changed our spending habits and stopped demanding these items which for most is trash trinkets and get back to what really matters, spending TIME on loved ones Not Money! to buy affections with.

    Great thoughts David I am with you all the way x Sue


    • David says:

      And so say all of us dear Sue. So how do we re-educate the educators to remove I want, I want, I WANT from the school curriculum?

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      • Its difficult.. I see my Son and Partner spoiling my granddaughter with Gifts she doesn’t need that she soon losers interest in.. We may seem harsh grandparents.. But we do not buy her needless items.. We spend Quality time. and she enjoys simple things, like being out in nature, Imagination with a cardboard box which can become the Ice palace or a stable or house, We spend hours in this imaginary world.. She would sooner do these things than be on her tablet.. YES a tablet at 4 which she is proficient in using better than I..
        I am in one way pleased our Children do not Want for Food, Shelter, Love.. As many around our world are not so lucky. But they could easily live better lives without being spoilt with ‘Things’


        • David says:

          Exactly our thinking too Sue. We get stuff even for ourselves when needed not because it is on a particular date and the Grandchildren get enough , no too much from others! Hopefully I will be able to spend more time with them in the future. Love, David


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