Since the time when man found that he could get the greener side of the land for himself by force of arms we have banded together by marriage, treaty or fear to create armies, which had the power to force others to their will or be killed in their resistance.

We only have to look back through our doubtful historical records, written by the conquerors or historians under the thumb of those in power, to see how the hordes of barbarians have swept across our European continent from time to time, changing the face of religion, culture and our physical form in the process.

For reasons other than to expand an empire the Persians, Greeks and Romans to name a few have changed the faces of us all from time to time and then those of a singular Religious turn of mind under the name of Crusader, Templar or Moslem have fought over the perceived centre of their own religion travelling as far as from England to save Jerusalem!

And then of course we had the breakup of the Christian Church into Catholic and Protestant in various ways with England again declaring itself a Church in its own right divorced from Rome.

Is it any wonder that in this new technological age we have new wars going on shared on new media allowing those who want the world for themselves at the expense of everyone else of whatever faith to submit to their rule or die, which they do under the name of Islam? If he could, I imagine the Prophet, Allah bless his name, would weep together with Allah Himself!

Dare we resist?
It seems with the current disparate hordes around the world we do not even have to resist merely not to be able to recite from the Quran or even to subscribe to a different faction of the same faith to suffer the ultimate sacrifice.

However, there are and have been some groups of resistance that have achieved radical change in countries around the world and certainly the thought that when not just two or three, but thousands are gathered together such groups as the Occupy movement and the Arab Spring can shake the hold of power. Those movements are still going through the birthing pains and could all be seen as a work in progress. Let’s hope that the ultimate changes are for the highest good of all.

Resistance has a lot to answer for both on an individual front and for the masses.
Our personal resistance denies us the opportunity to bring into manifestation what we most want in our lives. We set up resistance by all of the negative thoughts and emotions which we permit ourselves to enjoy from our own serious doubts to a dis-belief in miracles!

In fact we allow the hordes of misgivings, doubts and denials to cloud our minds and therefore our judgements. You only have to hear the talk in the local pub or the coffee shop to hear the various or should I say multitudinous complaints about everything under the sun from the way the local team performed to the unseasonal weather or the way the government forgets the common people like you and me.

Those complaints are the seeds of resistance in our minds because we are allowing ourselves to concentrate on what we do not want instead of on what we do want!

There is a very good reason, and I choose my words carefully here, a good reason for IS at this moment in time wherever it emerges in all its forms and faces. It is acting like a sponge drawing to its cause and creating multiple hordes of dealers in death.

It is the Wake Up Call which the rest of us who believe in the many paths to the Divine and the rights of us all to respect whichever path we chose and to live in peace. Therefore if we do not resist, to rid the world of this present evil horde we will regret it and live in fear for the rest of the existence of Planet Earth.

How to do that without resorting to the same methods as the hordes themselves
I leave to those far better qualified than me to come up with the right answers, but ask them to act and soon!

It seems that we have built many beautiful villages, towns and cities in many countries round the world and although we may take sides respecting the rights of the minorities to resist, the consequence of that very resistance can destroy villages, towns, cities, communities and cultures.

Is there no one who can stop the wholesale destruction of all that we have built over the past centuries?

The human cost is incalculable! Where is our saviour now?
Share your answers with others, with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel, sharing for peace.


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2 Responses to HORDES

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dearest David,

    Once more, I have to thank thee for such wisdom in a nutshell.
    Every word of your post resounded like toll bells in my ears.
    Yes, “Is there no one who can stop the wholesale destruction of all that we have built over the past centuries?”.
    We all hope for the Messiah to come with His Hordes of Angels to wipe all evil from our planet, but as usual we seem to refuse to start first by cleaning out our own stables from prejudices and wrong attitudes.

    How much easier it is to blame others and even the Sun and the Moon for what is happening on our Blue Planet, why don’t we start with ourselves. Humans are brothers and sisters of each other and what hurts my brother or sister hurts me.

    There is nowhere in Nature a race more similar in everything than the human race. Birds, beasts, insects, flowers and trees, although they have the same pages in our books, are very different. We as a race we mostly only have the colours of our skin to differentiate us. Does that mean anything to us?

    The Messiah is in all of us for He is part of us and we are part of Him.
    Some of us believe that our souls are sparks of the Great Fire that is the Logos. So?
    Can you differentiate sparks of each other when the spring out of the Fire?
    No, except that some are stronger than others. Some will cause flames to burn everything and others will just die out because of the same winds that made the others stronger.
    Is that a reasonable comparison?

    Well, whatever the response will be, I leave you and your readers to it.
    May the Lord bless us and give Love and much Light to share with all of us.



    • David says:

      Indeed Eugene as you so rightly say the journeys taken by the sparks or Souls are all different and we should celebrate our difference. Shouldn’t we? And the blame If placed anywhere must lie with us shouldn’t it? Love, David


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