Most reporters refer to the facet of the so called Dark Lord as the Anti Christ (AC), but Jeshua ben Joseph, commonly called Jesus (J), never called himself Christ which was taken from the Greek, a language which J never spoke, meaning Chosen implying that J was the Chosen One, a title given to him by successive learned writers of texts from the first century onwards and from which a whole religion was entitled Christianity.

The title implies that J was the only chosen one, but in fact there were and are many chosen ones who have indeed chosen not to go under that title knowing within themselves their place in form or in spirit, which many imagine are divided by an impenetrable veil, but not so my friends for the veil is so fragile as not to exist at all, if you allow it to be so!

Many reporters portray the AC as a being of great charisma able to draw others to his side by a mere glance in their direction and is yet to come and declare himself on this Planet Earth.

I believe that AC is already with us and rather than being a single entity wears many faces which may appear on the battle fields, in the board rooms or at the highest levels of religions and governments.

There is no doubt that these many parts of the entity of AC have the same thought in their consciousness which I believe is not anti chosen but anti the Free-will gifted human race for which their only purpose is control.

They themselves have the gift of persuasion which many would term charisma that finds willing subjects, easily turned towards them, in the minds of those lonely, unloved, disaffected members of our sad race who can find no purpose to life.

The AC is with us! But by the same token the Kingdom of God is also with us, as J told us all those years ago, which we have the gift to recognise, to accept and to follow, or to deny and look the other way or into the abyss of unknowing.

John the Divine tried by recording his dream visions to show us how the world would end if we did not recognise the signs and act upon them. Of course his dreams are open to interpretation, but so many see him as a prophet of doom together with the prophesies of the Hopi Elders.

You might consider that both the Hopi and St. John are special beings with an insight beyond the rest of us, but portrayed as prophets of doom from which there is nothing we can do, firstly to see for ourselves and secondly to prevent.

I believe that each of us are able, through careful recognition of our own signs and symbols in our dreams, to find our own personal warnings of forthcoming dangers and how best to act for ourselves, our families and communities.
The operative word is ACT!

I don’t like the word activist which seems to leave a nasty taste! It is not as if we can do nothing, but a multitude of actions we can make to put our own worlds in order, quietly and gently, and as each household, each community and each country acts with love and peace in their hearts, there is every chance that these adjacent centres of peace will link with one another, forming a chain of goodness, kindness and love around the world.

Everything we think and do creates a vibration. Have you ever thought what the vibration of peace looks like, feels like and how it is able to spread? Well, you know, despite how life has treated us there is a basic vibration that will match and resonate with the vibration of others. When two or three are gathered together …

With me I have to say that tears are never far from the surface and shivers can come with the simple prayer over a meal and at the mention of the name of J there is a welling in the heart which feels as if it will burst! But that’s just me you must have your own feelings!

There is so much that can be achieved without violence and resorting to arms, and I believe that so long as we respect and act upon the obvious warnings the resonance will defeat the doom, the dealers in death and bring peace at last to Earth.

The problem, as always, is whether those who are chosen are willing to step up to the mark and ACT whether up front or behind the scenes!

Are you willing to do your bit, to play your part, to pursue your true purpose and bring our once beautiful blue planet back from the brink of destruction?

Will you invest in your future, the future of your children and grandchildren?
Will you invest in free energy?
Will you invest your time and energy in growing your own food?
Will you invest in spreading love, peace and kindliness wherever you go?

Are you willing to sacrifice just a little of your precious time in the act of sharing, to bring hope to those around you for a better brighter future, for you, for yours and anyone, yes anyone else you meet?

We must find a way to counter the message of doom!
We must find a way to counter the message of martyrdom!
We must find a way for the human race to act on the wakeup calls!
We must find a way to share and provide for our youth, who are us of tomorrow!
Share your answers with others, with Love from which all else flows,
Hanukah & the Angel … answers for peace.


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2 Responses to ANTI CHRIST or PEACE

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dearest David,

    This post must be read and read times over because it shows the world a different concept of what the AC really is. So many miths and legends have gone around that many believe they will see the Devil arrive on his black horse followed by his legions of black demons.
    That resembles so much the history we tell our children about Santa Claus.
    The Spiritual World is, dare I say, much more subtil and does not need staged appearances to get into the spirits of men.
    How strange that we still want and create images to speak to our senses. We have not yet been able to comprehend what the world of the Soul is. Will we ever? I wish it but too often I doubt it, but then I am not the most positive person on Earth, far from it.

    Thank you for accepting to dare enter such a difficult domain. May you receive many (good) comments and may we all learn from each other. Amen.

    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read your post.



    • David says:

      Dear Eugene, Thank you for your understanding comment, I hopr that others will be able to read between the lines and see between the words as you so clearly do. Love as always, David


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