There’s no time like the present, so they say
Why is that? You may wonder in dismay
Here’s the thing my dearly beloved friends
However life treats you, it twists and bends.

There’s a moment, to start with, brief moment
Things happen for no reason apparent
A thought occurs from the depths of your mind
Where did it come from? You ask so inclined.

It seems not from you, but perhaps through you?
Strange as that may seem, inspiration new!
Were you one with no imagination?
The two are so close, conscious conjunction.

Many avenues of information
Are open to us through meditation
Walk in the park, any time anywhere
Stilling the mind for it all to occur.

In the midst of thought that moment appears
Those breaks in the chatter when the mind clears
The one you’re waiting for finally here
Let it grow and expand banishing fear.

As it opens the door to the avenue
In that rare and precious moment so true.
Now you’ve found it listen with clarity
Your own wisdom enters in purity!
© David Tenneson 2015.


About David

Devonian writer
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6 Responses to JUST A MOMENT

  1. A beautiful poem David.. yes we can meditate in any given moment .. In the park in the wood, in our garden .. ALL we need is that space within to quieten our minds … Blessings your way and to Eugene..


    • David says:

      Thanks Sue, Getting into that, anywhere, any place mode is the difficulty for some but well worth the effort you and I both know. 🙂


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Dear David,

    What else can I do but quote your very words, so that’s what I will do:

    As it opens the door to the avenue
    In that rare and precious moment so true.
    Now you’ve found it, listen with clarity
    Your own wisdom enters in purity!

    Yes when we really KNOW we have found it, we should cherish it and never let it go out of sight.
    We do forget so often that we are part of the Logos and that part is the Source of all Clarity and Purity. Of course, we have to be careful and clean away what is not Him or Us.
    Our cultures have flaws and we should recognize them for what they are. Yes, we all have prejudices galore and that’s why we are here for as well to get the rid of what does not suit or belong to us.
    We are very fortunate and we don’t know it. That is also why those who have found the rare and precious moment should share it with their brothers and sisters who are still looking for it, and sometimes in the wrong directions.
    Wisdom is inherent but too often hidden under so much incomprehension, that one wonders how we have survived as a race for so long.

    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read this post.


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    • David says:

      Thanks Eugene, I guess you could also say that we have so much comprehension but of the wrong kind in our sophistication. Love, David


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