On this Day of the Fools and the month of my birth it reminds me that I sometimes feel like a fool when like us all we go through those dreadful doldrums for no other reason than feeling there is no hope. We come through it, often with the help of our friends, and find Hope again, thank the Lord!

So what is it that gives us Hope, drives us forward, to climb mountains, to reach the stars and finally to find out what lies at the bottom of the oceans?

Do we hope to find something? I’m not sure about climbing mountains except perhaps because they are there, but maybe when we reach for the stars we hope to find another similar planet to Earth to deplete until it’s as dead as Earth and we need to move on again, and as for the oceans I doubt very much about the intentions or wishes of those who spend fortunes on deep sea diving machines in order just to find a new species of fish, or more likely they hope to find treasure of some kind or another like the Loch Ness Monster!

We search, we experiment as we labour in laboratories to prove our theories. We believe that if we look for long enough, if we wish for all our needs, wants and desires to manifest as hard as we can, then our prayers and desires will be heard and indeed answered by either the Universe, the Source or the Law of Attraction,
which in my book are all One and the same, but move at their own pace!

So, moving on:
Some of us believe that that’s all we have to do and by removing all of our resistance, our doubts and contrary indications, everything we hope for is bound to manifest sooner or later. So what do we do? Shut up shop and sit in the dark and wait for it to happen? I believe that if Hope springs eternal we should get off our butts, get on with life and try to put right the mess we have made of everything!

Apart from that, our tenuous beliefs in the magnetic attraction of the Law, the power of prayer and the chance that Lady Luck is on our side may give us the most precious gift of Hope. Or does it? Well, you see, very little is certain in this life and nothing is set in stone which is why, daft as it may seem, Hope is so important to us all.

We give each other Hope in different ways, for instance: It’s no good telling young children that Christmas is coming in 4 weeks time or they have to go to bed 30 times before Father Christmas will leave their presents, but if you tell them Granny has to come to lunch on a Sunday 4 more times and then it’s Christmas that will give them Hope.

A young life that is embarked upon by a Soul is set in space, but then filled with probabilities any one of which at any moment in linear time may be chanced upon by the Spirit as it negotiates its way through the journey-ways of a life.

As our minds grow they are given glimpses of the possibilities which stretch out before us like the multicoloured fibres of a tapestry any one of which we may choose to follow and as we grow we develop our hopes to be an engine driver, an actor or Prime Minister.

Those first glimpses come from stories! We call them Nursery Rhymes but how many of us remember them for what they really are? Was it ever explained to us that one day our Prince would come in life as well as on the pages of the story book remembered by rote was really Hope, that anything is possible, which we should never forget.

Did we ever realise that the moral of Beauty and the Beast is that we should learn to look beyond the immediate physical which you might find frightening to the beauty of the shining Soul within, giving us all the Hope of perhaps our own Ugly Duckling-ness to emerge as a beautiful Swan?

We may take a scientific track and decide, with like minded colleagues, to spend billions on the probability of reaching the stars or just to prove that we are right about our theories of interstellar travel and the Big Bang, while famine and disease rage out of control back here on Planet Earth which does not seem to come into that scientific equation!

There are however those whose egos are so big that they consider that they have found the answers with their first experiment and due to their lofty and powerful position convince others that there would be no point in pursuing it further and so it lies dormant and half proven for the next one hundred years!

Where has our Hope gone? We Hope that somewhere in that linear time potential is the chance for the full answers to be found, for sure as eggs is eggs like all science it will change and change again for science like most things in the Universe is in a state of becoming. I believe that absolute does not exist in science and even absolute zero is just a theory since it has never been reached, nor likely to be!

It is not only in the field of science that these huge heads hold sway for we who have high hopes of a messiah or the return of one have all seen the results, since the beginning of recorded time, of a so called latest prophet claiming to speak the words of the Divine overriding all that has been said before! Leaving us with no Hope? Or, if you don’t follow me since I am the latest you deserve to die!

Such powerful prose backed up by equally powerful followers, with armies at their beck and call, who claimed that this is the one and the only one to be followed, but if not on pain of death that their populations were and are forced to follow, removing all Hope of following previous prophets or of a new prophet to lead them out of this Earth of shadows.

The opposite of Hope is not No Hope but Control!

Whichever god was worshipped there was always an element of Hope that by bowing before Baal, the Sun or a million others, placating them with sacrifices from the earliest times – even just to ensure that the sleeping Sun would rise again in the East the following morning – there was Hope.

Sadly though the powerful priests decided that the masses needed to be under their control and the only way to achieve it was to remove Hope! They were told to follow the priests or else and the only Hope they were allowed was to become a martyr or to lead such an exemplary life according to the rules of those in charge that Hope of a life in the hereafter was assured with possible Sainthood! And who chooses the Saints?
Have Hope with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel
Have a great weekend, full of Hope.


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Devonian writer
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2 Responses to HOPE

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Dear, dear David.
    A million thanks for such beautiful and wise post. I do so agree with you and with you I say that Lady Hope is much greater than Lady Luck for one comes when we call her, the other just appears when she feels like and still.

    Hope is live and live is Hope and when one of the two fails we are doomed.
    I always pretended that when we are convinced that there is NO such thing as a god life for many of us becomes unbearable.
    To give a comparison, it’s no good to tell humans that bread has no real value IF we are not ready to replace bread by an even more nutritious food, for otherwise it would be promoting another type of famine.

    You are right when you write that we look for life on other planets even outside our solar system and we have not been able to sustain this planet where we are supposed to live on.
    Hope that all will be well one day is what makes us resistant enough to face catastrophic situations whether man-made or natural. We gather strength to climb a mountain because we can see its peaks and we count the days and the hours we will need to vanquish our fear of heights.
    The cries of joy when we have reached the top but what did we gain by it? Only the realisation that we are not so weak after all and that we can overcome even more difficult conditions.

    Our ancestors did not rest before they had found a way to survive. Each move was lead by the Hope to find a better place to share food and good fortune for the whole tribe, not just for one or for some. No siree they had to survive as a group or they would die.
    Have we forgotten all they learned and tried to teach their offspring?

    Hope in many cases is the only thing we can carry with us and when that is dead, we will have a hell of a time trying to survive.
    Let us Have Hope with Love from which all else flows.

    Thank you. May the Logos bless us all for we are part of Him.



    • David says:

      Many thank yous for sharing your hopefulness and yes, I believe that have indeed forgotten, but the task for us all is to help each other to remember. Love, David


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