I’m sure we have been here before, but something draws me to it again and again!
We have no doubt traced our family trees and with today’s recording systems it makes it so much easier as long as you don’t want to go too far back!

You must know from the simple saying that, ‘there never was a time when man was not’ that we have always been around in one form or another.

From our animal root when we were as instinctive as the first ones to climb out of the primordial soup to semi upright and then upright sub-humans to the injection of capital which gave us something else which we now call consciousness!

The more I read and learn the more I hear about vibrations and frequencies, electrics and magnetics. We exist in an electromagnetic Universe!

With our sun showing off its Solar flares and storms with the potential to cause GPS outage, mobile phone failure and power grid collapse across the globe, not to mention our own weird inner feelings, there can be no doubt that we are also electromagnetic Beings.

So how are these changes affecting you?
There may be more to come so you’d better get used to these feelings especially around the Heart Chakra, remembering that the Heart is something like 5000 times more sensitive to magnetic disturbance than the Brain!

Even if you are not aware of any changes over your normal aches, pains and discomforts you only have to look up at the night sky to see the amazing manifestation of the effects of magnetic changes in the atmosphere, which we call the Aurora Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere, in the past seen only on my trips to Scotland and the Orkneys, but now more often in the south of England to realise the power of our Sun as it goes through its own metamorphosis.

More so than ever before and with no nylon rugs on our Spanish tiled floors to charge us up with static electricity, we only have to come close to each other or to the cat for sparks to fly as we equalise the potentials between us.

We also seem to have accumulated sticky fingers and attract paper, hair, fluff and any light substance like plastic that insists on hanging on no matter how much we shake our hands to get rid of its tenacious, or should I say magnetic, grip!

Having trained as an electrical engineer I have had my share of shocks in the past and on a six month exchange with students on the local Electricity Board I met an amazing man who could hold single phase 240 volt cables or 415 volt three phase and tell the difference without a flinch, whereas most of us would be either dead or enjoying something akin to an epileptic fit!

Our sensitivity as humans covers a very wide range and if we come down a few notches, from my training acquaintance, some of us are sensitive to animals, plants or to each other, not in our current static sense, but in the way each of us is feeling to the thoughts that we are having. In short not word for word but the general gist of what the other is thinking is easily read by the other.

The subtle changes which occur within our bodies and brains are becoming common place to sense, measure and test by scientists, but I can’t wait for them to get their minds around the electromagnetic possibilities of consciousness itself!

We have spoken of the magnetic attraction of like bacterias, viruses and cancers which exist within our own bodies and as always we only have ourselves to blame if we allow our systems to move into the chaos of imbalance, allowing any one of the colonies of the above to grow exponentially into a grouping which can cause us harm.

We can do this in a number of ways and the first I believe is to ignore our sensitivities, the most important of which is to take no notice of the obvious signals which we receive in our minds from the total complex of our bodies.

It could be something as simple as the unbalanced diet with too much emphasis on one thing believing it to be healthy! I remember a lady who went on a soup diet and the only one she liked was tomato soup. Unfortunately commercial tomato soup is made mainly from carrots and she turned a delicate shade of orange! Goodness knows what else it did to her. Almost as simple – we know when we should exercise our bodies and our brains in order to stay healthy.

It brings to mind “A little of what you fancy does you good” or “Everything in moderation”. Remembering that we are the hunter gatherer Omnivores and need movement to stay healthy!

Did you realise that we humans attract other humans of like mind?
So be careful what you think because the magnetic vibrations which you send out moment by moment unconsciously will attract others with those same thought patterns matching your own vibrations! Take care of your magnetic attractions with love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to MAGNETICS

  1. eugene1492 says:

    “A little of what you fancy does you good” or “Everything in moderation”. Remembering that we are the hunter-gatherer Omnivores and need movement to stay healthy!
    So many of us forget those two phrases and do things without moderation and then others pretend we should ONLY eat this, not that and often we find ourselves sitting in front of the Television set or the PC or the IPad or the Gameboy or whatever they fancy.
    We should keep in mind who we are, where we came from and where we are going. But then, nobody is perfect. Isn’t it?
    Love and much Light I wish you and us all.


    • David says:

      Many thanks for your comment Eugene which raises the question: What have we become and more importantly what are the younger generation likely to be? Secondly: Are we the Aliens which so many of us fear? Or thirdly: Are we evolving into the Robots we are so keen to develop? Lets hope they do not become as intelligent or able to think and learn as well as their creators! Thanks again for your thoughtprovoking comment Love, David


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