It is said that forgiveness is the beginning of healing.
Healing, that is, of conditions which are of this life by a healer in this life, and naturally forgiveness of the self is the most important to free the patient’s own barriers enabling the healer to perform her or his work effectively.

There are, however, conditions which are not of this life and unless the relationship between patient and healer is close to the point where the patient gives authority to look beyond this life for a cure, there is little chance of a successful resolution.

Humans can carry guilt from one life to another over generations or even thousands of years, and depending on the reason for that feeling which in its inception may not be through any purpose just in error or mistake, but nevertheless guilt assumed and un-forgiven on which the condition will depend.

Those of the healing fraternity will understand that healing can occur instantaneously or take make sessions over many years for there to be the cure which the patient looks for.

Much of course depends on the reason or reasons for conditions and, not that many patients would subscribe to the idea, many physical or psychological problems are self inflicted even over all those years ago!

In which case such phrases as: “There’s none so deaf as those who do not want to hear” and “There’s none so paralysed as those who do not wish to, or need an excuse not to walk”. (Family experience of both these.)

In the process of psychological changes in the consciousness we can as above take on those conditions or we can assume that a simple ache is the start of a tumour. In this process under the auspices of the miasma of mind over matter we literally kill off healthy cells which would otherwise keep us in the energy of Well-being, but to reverse that process means restoring healthy cells which is easier said than done, it may take a life time or not be recoverable at all!

I can give you an example which was initiated many thousands of years ago when a priest surgeon spent his life saving lives through brain surgery interventions, but in the process of saving others he contracted TB and unknown to himself he gave it to those whom he was trying to save!

A classic case of unwitting infection and only when he himself succumbed to the dreaded disease for which there was no cure and he saw his patients dying of the same around him did he suffer insurmountable guilt for which he could not forgive himself.

A persistent cough and problems with the Throat Chakra carried through every successive life from all those years ago has only now been recognised and the true bright light of forgiveness has been allowed to shine through the consciousness which has at last given the Soul, the sole common denominator throughout all intervening lives, the opportunity to release that memory from this and future incarnations.

I am sure you will agree that this is healing at its mystical finest.

We cannot travel back in time except through the Record, there is not and never will be a way to travel physically back in time and certainly no opportunity to change the past in any way, but as you see it is possible to heal its effect manifesting in the present by the simple but most important process of self forgiveness.

There is another way to promote Well-being in our bodies and minds with a positive outlook by reversing the debilitating notion that every ache is something that will deal death, to treating each discomfort as the result of something which you did or did not do. Be your own detective, find out where the pain comes from and remedy it by treating your own cause which you are best placed to find. Instead of relying on others to treat your symptoms!

Perhaps you can now understand that although the Spirit has control of life direction it can be a previous life essence which manifests in a way that can in fact be cured and not left to the stone carvers to fix in time. Since time as we know it does not exist we do not even have to take on those ailments associated with age, which is a function of time, since if we expect it then we will experience it!

The physicists have already found out that the expectations of researchers can affect the result of experiments at the quantum level, so do you imagine that consciousness is other than at that level?

We say again that in the process of knowing yourself you should try to find out ALL about yourself at all levels of the present and as much of the past and the remote past as possible. Healing for you may just lie in the next revelation which opens before your very eyes. Heal thyself with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel
Have a great healthy weekend.


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