We can be fully developed and those who may be impaired emotionally or mentally may be strong and physically fit.

On the other hand there comes a time when we seek to be spiritually successful shall we say and of course the first step on that path is the recognition and acceptance of the Logos. So we have to be of a certain age in order for the mental ability to allow for such a mystical step.

You can therefore see that for a child suffering from a mental handicap it would be virtually impossible to understand such a step, which would take on the proportions of a giant leap in consciousness. For many of us it takes a deal of growth in all respects before even we with all of our faculties are ready to accept the Ascension pathway!

The physical path must take precedence for obvious reasons in the growth of a child from birth to adulthood, but for any parent with the total well-being of their son or daughter at heart it is so important to introduce the entry portal of the spiritual way to grow alongside the physical as soon as possible, when ready, so that the two may forge ahead together.

I am not talking here about the rituals and ceremonies of any particular religious practice which I believe can get in the way of spirituality especially with the hidden agendas of those who practice preaching for their path.

As I say it is important to start sooner rather than later so that when the physical growth reaches its foregone plateau the spiritual aspect of consciousness is securely implanted without having to start from scratch in adulthood.

There is no doubt that the physical is not only to do with the development of the body alone but also its relationships that develop throughout a life which may last as long as Life expectancy now put at 69 in the developed world catching up with the Good Book declaring it to be at three score years and ten, sometimes referred to as the seven ages of man, or in these latter days even longer! Average age of passing of the last two generations in my family being 93!

And in the 7 ages we see a direct reflection of this analogy, which can never be the same for everyone, but in the growth of the seven spiritual centres which lie within the physical body where physical and spiritual merge.

In the mental state of incapacity, of which there are many forms and degrees, there can be no understanding of how to bring the Chakra Centres to full power. He or she will talk, may sing and say they love you, but that is all, which means that the highest level that can unconsciously be achieved is the 5th or Throat Chakra.

From this viewpoint I believe that for all the differences in mental ability and physical configuration it is important to search for and to find rather than to imagine the Centres of Energy which will vary in position, power and potential in each of us.

This is so important in the process of knowing, but equally if not more important for any healer to be able to see each Centre, working with each in turn, starting with the Base, in order to understand what has happened in the past and what is possibly amiss energetically with every area of the physical body that each Centre covers.

In the normal course of events with a relatively healthy person this will lead on to the higher and higher Centres leading to the emotional and mental bodies, remembering that damage to the root can affect the whole of the trunk, branches, leaves and fruit of the central Chakra Tree!

I cannot emphasise enough the need to start with the Base which is the first Centre to develop in the womb and is affected by the mother from the very beginning of the development of the embryo.

I have believed for many years that if there is a problem with a child any doctor, therapist or healer should start by looking at the parents! So much of knowing yourself comes from before we were born, in more ways than one, that we owe it to ourselves, our clients or patients, call then what you will, for a full diagnosis and cure to look at the total spectrum of a life.

Let’s face it we owe ourselves the same consideration in getting to know the real you and me. In order to know yourself completely you need to know it all, the good, the bad and the ugly and if mum and dad don’t want to talk or cannot talk ask any members of the family still alive who may remember to get your true picture!

In the course of your searching the opportunity is also open to each individual to access for themselves the past and the remote past in order to understand the energies which direct us in certain otherwise unknown ways in this life.

If you are unhappy with the quest of finding your own answers in the Akasha on your own, the path of regression is also open to you through the auspices of a good therapist, but whichever route you chose remember that it is your own journey and your own images that are important and not those implanted by others!
Enjoy your journey on the physical and spiritual pathways with Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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