The coffee pot gurgles and rumbles today
The aroma says breakfast is well on its way
A bowl of fresh fruits with cinnamon and nuts
Is the same in a palace or a circle of huts.

Gone are the days when English breakfast held sway
No longer the fry up before we would play
Much healthier these days I have to say
And we’re all better for it, except for one day!

We all yearn for the treat that each Sunday brings
When the pancake pan sizzles and the coffee pot sings
It sounds very simple, but choices abound
With jam, lemon and syrup all passed around.

A regime is all very well so they say
But treats are a must to keep doldrums at bay
For when searching for elusive happiness
It’s as well to know that level of consciousness.

Your quest is to search for what makes you feel good
Whether playing your game or just chopping wood
‘Whatever turns you on’ is the mantra to use
For me it’s a cup of green tea I infuse.

We’ve revived the old custom of tea at four
Using granny’s old china, 100 years old or
To make this foreign field a piece of old England
Makes us so happy we could sing with the band.

The changing seasons are now just like our home
It’s cold and it’s windy as winter bites home
But that is OK, it reminds us of UK
Our snowshoes still hang on the wall by the bay.

And we know the grandchildren still have some fun
With the old toboggan come snow or come sun
When you get enjoyment the cells rejoice too
So please do what children of all ages should do.

Have fun with the good things!
© David Tenneson 2015.


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2 Responses to GOOD THINGS

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Thank you David … I will make THE Mantra mine and remember that:
    When you get enjoyment the cells rejoice too
    So please do what children of all ages should do.

    Let’s “Have fun with the good things!”
    With love to you and to all who will read this poem.



    • David says:

      Thanks Eugene, it’s the sort of thing that we need to repeat to ourselves on our journey focusing on those good things. Love, David


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