There is no contest here except in perception and understanding.
We humans have given, as is our wont, levels and boxes within which to put each other according to our individual and cultural understanding of the choices we have made, though some may say that they had no choice in the matter for we are as we are!

Those with no other choice but ignorant superstition have decided that we did indeed have choices to make or that we are suffering from a disease and therefore there must be a cure, but if there is no cure or if they do not agree with our choice, if we had one to make, decide that there is no alternative than to rid the earth of our malformation which must have come from some ungodly source and that could apply to both spirituality and also sexuality.

I believe there is nothing new for we are as we are since the beginning of time. There are those in the oldest books who were blessed with the gift of foretelling and of dream interpretation hailed as wondrous beings worthy of sainthood. But in more recent times those with similar gifts have been burnt at the stake. Some were fearful of losing what power they had methinks!

Why the difference you may ask and rightly so.
Well my friends it all comes down, as usual to control. It seems that those in power whether secular or templar, or in a combination of the two, hate to see others with a gift they cannot control. Do you think anything has changed since the Middle Ages?

The death of the King of Saudi Arabia and the succession by his half brother Salman has brought their appalling human rights record to the fore once again for they are indeed stuck by their religious leaders in the Middle Ages when stoning and flogging was common place and still is and incidentally, likely to continue in the family tradition. One dare not mention the subject of sexuality in their conticent country!

Luckily there are still places where we can talk about LGBT without fear but with care. Our beloved gods of the 21st Century, the scientists, have even tried to find a gene or group of genes which could be responsible for the various outcomes of the basic changes in the human preferences for each other.

I say basic for any changes in our sexual preferences start to manifest at the Base or fundamental level of human development, in other words at the spiritual Base Chakra, which is our foundation and has its inception in the womb and thereafter in the cultural level of the family in which the child finds itself.

It was envisaged that this family, this culture and this environment would give the Soul its desired experience. There is therefore nothing haphazard about the feelings and beliefs that are presented to the embryo before, during and after the birth, but from then on the environment of the family and the culture within which it exists has the greatest effect on the young as far as both spirituality and sexuality go.

The Base level is the foundation of both spirituality and also sexuality upon which all of the other Chakras have their support, growth and expansion and also the relationships which develop in the physical world playing the most important part in determining our individual preferences with and for each other.

A dominant, sick or missing parent can therefore have the most important effect on the way we see the world and the way we see each other. Many of us of course, because of the laws which preclude our true identity, live the lives of hypocrites in denial, condemned to a secret life where we must hide our true feelings in the closet.

It may take tens of years and changes of environment before we feel confident enough to turn, from the family tradition of strict religious and unforgiving background, to our own version of spirituality and indeed sexuality.

The two are seen as separate and it is often cited that the female is the dominant force allowing the intuitive spirituality to come to the fore, but in my experience it is the balanced persona which becomes the more natural, seen as spiritually the most powerful.

We hear of the most macho of sports personalities getting in touch with their feminine sides which can be understood as they try to reach that same degree of balance in their lives. Some even find the courage to come out and in my view should be applauded, but we should respect the way life has formed and moulded us all, over which we had little control, just as we should encourage IS to respect the many pathways that are open to all of us to chose on our way to find God, Allah or the Logos.

Dare you declare your Christian faith in a Moslem world? Perhaps we should all learn to recite verses from the Quran in Arabic with IS just around the corner!
The last line of my poem from 2009 seems appropriate:

Roguish romps on the family farm
pitched in the orchard down by the stream,
sunny summers of blissful childhood.
Wet wood, damp matches, cold comfort,
baked beans from the tin, raw sausage, stale bread,
Whose turn was it anyway?
Rain in the night saturated sleeping bag,
cheap tent, no trench, no experience.
Chattering teeth saying nothing.
Shivering selves pretending everything.
Dad’ll come and get us in the morning
Had a great time, do it again tomorrow. Yeah right!
Noise is horrific so loud I can’t hear, ears bleeding,
walls shaking we have to get out, hold on, crawl!
Some get caught, some get shot, some lie dead.
Home falls apart, house collapses, walls disintegrate,
nothing left but rubble. No water, no food, nothing.
Traumatised terrified, a night in the open. Freezing.
We grab what we can, follow the rest, herded like cattle.
Nothing to recognise, everything gone, no landmarks.
Three out of five, we are alone, mum and dad gone.
Why did this happen we never saw guns before?
Where will we live? Walk for two days to a camp
Gates shut and padlocked taken to a house of cloth.
Camping in the desert, queue for water, queue for food,
queue to tell all that we know, all we remember.
Can’t hear the questions all I hear is banging in my head,
they’re too young to remember I just tell all I know for us all.
I pretend we’re camping in the desert, it’s a game,
they’re small but I can’t fool them for long.
Life has changed no freedom now, guards at the gate,
we didn’t walk far before, but now we can’t, doors are shut.
Kind lady looks after us but not like our own mother.
No one knows why this happened, we’re all lost,
we are the lost tribe. Who will remember us?
Perhaps if I wear a different hat I won’t get shot.
© David Tenneson – September 2009

Camping or not, have a great weekend!


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  1. We Humans give each other labels and judge others by the hats worn David.. It matters not what hat we see, it matters what is in our hearts..
    Excellent thoughts and superb poem 🙂


  2. eugene1492 says:

    Yes, indeed David.
    “No one knows why this happened, we’re all lost,
    we are the lost tribe. Who will remember us?
    Perhaps if I wear a different hat I won’t get shot.”.

    Perhaps and perhaps not. For we might have chosen the wrong hat and they would shoot us anyway.
    To camp or not to camp (in these conditions) that is a different question.

    Much love and much light that’s what I wish for ALL OF US.


    • David says:

      Much as we might enjoy a camping holiday it’s not so much fun when thrust upon us when our house is reduced to rubble, but I take your point dear Eugene. It is indeed difficult to quantify the mess we are in. Let’s hope we will find ourselves again soon. Love, David


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