Not that I like change, but they do say that change is good, or a change is as good as a rest and often we need to change in order to achieve what we want to know.

No one likes a Know-all, but we need to know all about ourselves in order to join the growing band of achievers on the Ascension path. So what do we need to know and why?

Let’s take the why first:
When we were born into this life we were a tiny babe and within that tiny babe was something else in its infancy which goes variously under three different names, but all part of the nebulous nexus of intelligence.

When the Soul entered the child, at the moment when it was able to sustain life, it brought with it the gift of consciousness which is also known as Mind or Spirit.
As the child, so the other three in their infancy grow together and every thought, every idea, every expanding belief and every event with all of the consequent emotional feelings have been recorded in several different ways both physical and spiritual to the point where you are today.

In the process of growth there is the linked spiritual and physical interface through the Chakra system which is also subject to all of the above vibrations and feelings from energies of all kinds on both sides of the veil between the two.

In the process of the growth of the child we, as adults, are only too well aware of the dangers and as parents and carers, we do our best to protect children from any perceived harm. There is also of course the danger of wrapping them in cotton wool so that being so well protected they do not have the chance to learn anything, but recognising our responsibility we aim for balance in all things!

Unfortunately, other dangers can occur before they are even born which places a heavy burden on an expectant mother. Due to a lack of education and the dangers inherent in cultures young mothers may be unaware of the harm they can cause their unborn offspring which may also be due solely to ignorance and/ or remote location.

Let us look more closely at the possibility that there could be damage to the Base or Sacral Chakras: This could affect the Heart so that the person cannot relate to others in a natural and acceptable way.

This can happen before or after birth since the foetus is affected by the mother while in the womb through the Base Chakra. The root is very tender and easily affected by a mother’s eating, drinking and smoking habits and also by her personality, timid or dominant.

Perhaps you can now see how the Base can affect the Heart and produce a timid child?

Which is why I say that if there is a problem with a child look at the parents!

Unfortunately both parents can and do add their own problems, that may never have been resolved, onto the tender growing root of a child.

It is this aspect of knowing yourself which you as an individual need to look at and question most carefully. We used to say that when looking up a family tree consult the oldest aunt who is a walking repository of family history and may also be useful in this instance if questioning the parents is not possible.

So from the prospect of reconciling your own possible difficulties with the Base, which you must get in order as the foundation of your Chakra Tree, it is imperative to find out what went awry before and just after your own birth!

On the spiritual side we are also influenced by what experience the Soul had in the remote past which may be affecting the Spirit in this life and could account for the way the Spirit, Mind and Consciousness is behaving right now.

In this respect regressions are designed to allow the Spirit to understand the past life reasons why it is prompted to act the way it does and should be treated with great respect, not as a game but an essential part of the knowing process.

As time goes on the written records, which can provide validation of names, places and dates, since it became law in many countries to keep such personal records from the 1800 ‘s and certain parish records go back even further, which are becoming available as they are gradually photo copied and digitised. There may be many surprises in store for you which will help you to make the necessary changes to allow you to know all about yourself, at least in this life.
It is the most important exercise you can undertake and as far as I am concerned I feel that I have only scratched the surface of the first chapter! I must get down to finishing that book! Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to KNOW-ALL

  1. eugene1492 says:

    Yes David, you are so very right again.

    It is one of the very important tasks of a human being’s education to try to understand and then possibly repair whatever went wrong at the Base Chakra’s level.
    Too often, we have such superficial look at who we are that no real image can come to the surface and we get stuck in our many prejudices.

    “Know thyself” is repeated by many but do they really understand what it means? The way people act and conduct themselves show how little they know.

    Those who “believe” and “know” how important it is to find out if a previous life might be the origin of a failing Base Chakra have already a possibility more to understand why they behave the way they do.
    Unfortunately, many religions have denied this prospect to their followers and even condemn the mere idea of reincarnation. Why?
    They have their reasons which are sometimes very obscure, but we do not have to subscribe to them, we have our free-will and so have they.
    We should decide for ourselves how to attain the “Know thyself” status, but then this might be a difficult exercise many and even too many back away from. Is that why we trust others to perform the boresome burden in our stead?
    Thank you for this great post which I thoroughly enjoyed. I do hope many other readers will too.

    Love and much light I wish to all of “US”.



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