In the Western World we can only hope that one day in the not too distant future the Holy Bible will be restored to its original format before the Popes and Bishops seeking power altered its content, in order firstly to distance themselves from the Eastern traditions and secondly to maintain, increase and cement power over their followers and congregations by removing all trace of reincarnation amongst other things.

I shall say this only once: You are here only once so you had better get it right first time! Right? Poor Soul that needed to try once more having failed yet again this time!

That said of course anyone with a glimmer of common sense would understand the need for more than one lifetime in order for the Soul to experience all there is to find on Planet Earth, and let’s leave the arguments to the theologians!

Well, after that outrageous preamble, according to some no doubt, let me pose another question:
How is it possible to understand never mind explain why a Soul would leave the power, the glory and the omnipresence of the Logos to become so individualised and alone, admittedly with Free-will, to choose one out of any number of planetary places throughout the Universe for its next experience?

Even that question will shock many who believe that we are the only inhabited Planet and how about the notion that we are not the only species capable of sustaining life and while we are on the subject, who do you think provided the so called God Gene to give mankind that leap in evolution and consciousness to bring awareness of the Logos, and to bring us from sub-human to homo sapiens, overtaking other hominids on the way to where we are today?

It is so difficult to try to explain our place in the world of experience except in anthropomorphic images where most of what we need to say is lost and bogged down in the mire of the human mind. We need that imagery to explain ourselves, the kingdoms that surround us and the Universe as a whole, not forgetting the Logos itself, to whom we apply all human failings. Sad but true!

Spirituality is something else! Right?

It is best understood I believe by going back to the Torah where God or the Logos is given the image of a Fire and as we all love camp fires, bonfires and toasting crumpets by the open fire on a Sunday afternoon for tea, it is not difficult to see that the Sparks, or the Souls that arise from the Fire or the Logos can give us the analogy of the parts of the Fire that escape into the unknown to experience all that the Universe has to offer in the form of a Soul.

Remember bonfire night with all the millions of sparks flying into the air, minute particles of the huge Fire beneath? Some fall back into the Fire itself whereas others fly off high into the air and end up who knows where in the Universe!

But why would a Soul leave its creator, the Logos?

You know, there are many unwritten but understood contracts between entities in the Universe and on individual Planets which allow for the experience through symbiotic relationships and indeed opposing energetic structures to facilitate what is needed by each and every Soul in its multitude of experiential needs throughout time and space.

Take just the one of sustenance: Here on Earth where the Prime Directive, ignored by most, ‘Thou shalt not kill’, except for the occasion to provide just enough food to survive. The Contract here is between those species which provide food for others right throughout the food chain, up to us, taking only sufficient to survive!

The Sin comes in when those with a weapon kill at will for the sake of sport, for one favoured part only of the entity or for the sheer delight in killing! Why do we wonder at the rapid extinction of multiple species rising on an exponential curve right now in our lifetime? Or indeed the rush of the young to fight and kill for IS?

Since it is estimated that 99% of all known species to have inhabited the Earth are now extinct, should we not divert the money spent on arms to spending more on conservation of our planet and all the nature kingdoms of which we are supposed to be the Guardians?

But back to the Spark which I and my teachers call Soul and others may call something else but nevertheless semantically the same: The contract between the Soul and the Logos is that through experience the Soul promises to return to the Logos brighter and purer than when it left.

You can perhaps now see the importance of a wasted existence on say Planet Earth, which on return to the Logos is deemed a failure, prompting the need to return for say a slightly different experience and mode of relationships to try again, which is why we tend to reincarnate into familiar countries and cultures for a second or third shot!

Should we not spend more time in ensuring that everyone’s experience is the greatest possible for their highest good?

What good would that do you may ask? Well, if you are at all interested in Ascension leading to enlightenment of all humanity, which is our ultimate goal, ensuring that the journey, the experience is the most joyful for all is part of that Ascension process, for it is not just about you but about us all and the perfect opportunity for you to exercise your compassion!

Can you also now see where unconditional love comes into the human equation of experience? Something which I believe should be tried and experienced by all!
May your experience through all of your challenges be seen as the joyful journey to happiness? With Love from which all else flows, Hanukah & the Angel


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2 Responses to EXPERIENCE

  1. Excellent thoughts Dear David.. Yes I agree more should be spent on preservation instead of destruction.. And we should think ourselves privileged to have been given this chance of our Earth Experience.. and I know there are millions of planets we could have chosen to experience..
    My own guides have spoken upon the honour of Earth School, is that we have the opportunity to learn and grow back to our source much quicker if we exercise that ‘Free Will’ in a positive fashion…

    Unconditional Love David is something Humans seem so incapable of as the ego of self takes them further away ..
    But I do live in hope my friend… That LOVE one day will outweigh all the Hate..
    Even though I totally understand without the hate and evil we would not Experience Love and the Good…
    Both spiritual experiences have been born upon this planet for our Duality of Experience..
    Some however do not it appears even have a heart and I can not fathom the soul of such ..
    But then we then also know we have Angels of Light and Angels of Darkness…
    I pray constantly that this battle soon ends..
    Love and Light my friend


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