It is the basis of ceremony that spiritual meaning and literal fact match perfectly, but how often is that found to be so?

Many follow the spiritual path at the expense of the physical life both of which need to be in harmony together in order to bring the physical life into fullness. So many believe that they must adhere to religious principles, rituals and ceremonies first before approaching the problems of a fractured world. And leave the rest to prayer?

I believe that we should put our own world in order, bringing our governance in every country to the level of the highest good of everyone regardless of birth, ethnicity or faith in each of which I can find facets of truth, but am also aware of the plagiarism that exists between them having stolen stories, prophesies and visions to call their own from the earliest of times which many today, if shown the truth, would regard as pagan. Such is the basis of their theology which many are willing to kill to preserve, impose and convert others to follow.

Not that we adore the idols which bless the presence both inside and outside of our home but a recent visitor, whom we had never met before, remarked that she loved the Buddha sitting in our hall facing the front door, but in our case by reflection in a full length mirror, but that she was not a Buddhist and took facets of many faiths to bring her own version of spirituality. This surprisingly was one of our own basics tenets, but nevertheless refreshing to hear.

Not the first time we have heard this kind of comment that many seem to be led away from the creeds and customs of the major religions as they intelligently question the validity of the habits, rituals and ceremonies which obviously still please the superstitious masses.

Through a feeling of not wanting to be seen to be hypocritical in not believing portions of the creed they were brought up to recite by rote any more, they are looking for a new way, a way of a more personal connection with the Divine. Let’s face it: you cannot reach harmony if your relationship is based upon a lie!

Many moons ago I ran a course on Ceremony in the wilds of the Orkney Islands
culminating in the participants creating their own ceremony according to their own feelings and beliefs.

We investigated the meanings of habits, rituals and ceremonies and the reasons why they were brought into being by the various cultures including directions, fire, incense, prayer and meditation, shamanic traditions with vision quests et al. I have to say that it was a wonderful weekend in the wilderness in which we shared our thoughts and feelings all learning a lot, including me!

So what part does ceremony play in your life?
Is it just same old, same old? I don’t know about you? But I am definitely a creature of habit which I have learnt is born from a feeling of needing safety and also for not having to think too hard about the mundane things in life since I know where everything is and the direction I am heading.

This means of course that I don’t think much of change!
My better half revels in change, but luckily we both ceremoniously turn all the tins and jars so that we can read the labels on opening the cupboard doors. OCD?
Who cares? We are both happy with this habit which has become a religious ritual together with order tidiness and cleanliness.

You know what they say: Cleanliness is next to Godliness!
After WWII when my mum was Manageress of the Civic Restaurant in Barnstaple, N. Devon, England she had an enamelled metal sign put up on the wall of the kitchen with a picture of hands under a tap with the words: Cleanliness prevents disease!

But back to Ceremony as it seems to me that many so called ceremonies whether personal, joint or congregational are merely rituals based upon superstition grown out of the need to provide an element of mystery in order to keep the masses in the dark and under the thumb!

I believe that the best ceremonies in the world are those that involve the whole family coming together at least once a week, in the light of their common awareness, to share not only the meal but personal stories, teachings and the love of family reinforcing the bonds that make us whole and are the first step towards Oneness.

With Love, Light and the Witness of our common heritage, Hanukah & the Angel
Have a great weekend.


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  1. Family togetherness a great celebration of ceremony David.. and would have loved to have been in one of your own ceremonies in the wilds of Orkney 🙂


    • David says:

      Still have a great yen for the place but family have moved away although still retain a small foothold there and if I was as young as I was then I would willingly do it all over and you would be my first invitee! Love, David

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